With the SUN transitions from the boisterous Leo to the meticulous Virgo, we leave the fun and games and enter that awkward, sobering stage of the relationship. It's a time when practicality, health, and efficiency come under the microscope. Mercury, Virgo's ruler, also in its domicile, has just commenced retrograde motion. It joins Venus and virtually every other planet beyond Saturn—with the exception of Uranus, set to retrograde Monday. In a week, the Moon will journey into Pisces, aligning with Saturn to manifest the month's second Supermoon, or 'Blue Moon'. This intense lunation augurs a time of intense scrutiny, not just of others but introspectively, looking at our own crap through an unsparing emotional lens. And if the Saturnine Full Moon's semisquare interaction with the ERIS/N. NODE conjunction is any indication, many are reaching their breaking point.

Things are desperate for so many reasons, a multitude of concerns all coming to light with glaring clarity. As the EQUINOX approaches, an unprecedented seismic shift is on the event horizon. With the EQUINOX not far, things are destined to swerve dramatically, but here is a chance to do it nicely, together, cooperatively and kindly, or, as Virgo often does when the nervous system overloads, be mercilessly taken out with the trash.

Join me on the bus, where we go through all the reasons why this isn't working and what can and must be done, even if you do think the whole deal is beyond repair...

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