[art: Jorge Mascarenhas]

Don’t let those weevils get the better of you! You don’t wanna be doing anything you’re gonna regret later…

…or perhaps, should you now??

Not sure it gets more extreme and uncomfortable than this… some things happen for a reason. Some things happen for no reason. Sometimes everything’s happening for one reason and one reason only, trying to make you lose it. When Pluto’s on the Nodal Quarter Moon, ask: “who’s the master/who’s the beast?”

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[art: John Brosio]

Let’s cut straight to the chase with this. Our affairs are a bloody mess here. Venus retrograde, which started Sunday, is a time for some serious reflection on an international scale. It’s not just about personal introspection; it affects broader elements like global diplomacy and foreign relations too. But it all starts with you. Each of you (including me) has got to pick up their act here. It’s an opportunity to revisit our integral beliefs and our entire approach to maintaining a balanced worldview, whatever your age, gender, shape, colour, etc.

It’s not like a switch flicks as soon as Venus starts moving backwards, either. The stultifying effects of the retrograde phase may hit us immediately, but they gradually work their way into our lives during the next 5 weeks. It’s an intense period where we go deep into ourselves, dig deep into our behaviours and responses, especially to things we’ve been ignoring. It’s like hitting the emergency reset button to gain new insights…

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You may find yourself pulling back, trying to find hidden meanings, addressing issues in everyday experiences that have gone unattended for some time. This is normal. The area of your life that Venus is influencing during this retrograde could become a battleground, with conflicts coming to the surface when Venus moves forward again. Unspoken messages or subtleties may get exaggerated, but they’re important.

Venus retrograde is a chance to work on personal growth in the areas impacted by the transit in your horoscope. Venus generates a powerful 2-way heart-vector, who helps you plumbs the depths of undeveloped personal characteristics in the areas of your horoscope it is transiting since she backtracks over 17°-18° of Leo’s arc. This might flash an entire history of poor choices or unsultry behaviour back into the spotlight regarding current relationships or haunts from your past. So, brace yourself for some gruellingly confronting moments of self-discovery and some desperately needed self-improvement.

Here I’ve provided some in-depth scope into which areas affect your sign and what might come up…

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