“Mean What You Say”: The FULL MOON at 13°18′ SAGITTARIUS, Sunday June 04, 2023, 03:43 UTC

Conflict and controversy are abuzz right now, and it’s hard not to get caught in the crossfire. But being surrounded by differing opinions and beliefs sparks the flames of growth, expansion, and the emergence of fresh perspectives. Sunday’s Full Moon provides a fertile nesting ground for individuals and society to mix it up, cross-pollinate, challenge each others’ convictions, engage in robust dialogue, and cultivate a profoundly sticky muck of comprehension, the sweet nectar of differing viewpoints.

Undoubtedly, there will be some intense and even grotesquely vicious encounters. There’s a hive of ignorance around, usually fueled by arrogance. However, in pockets where open-mindedness, respect, and a genuine willingness to listen prevail, the possibility of inner/outer mindset shifts is enormous.

The upcoming Sadge Full Moon (Sunday, June 04, at 13°18′ Sagittarius), with all its accompanying planetary influences and dispositors, has the potential to be fraught with contention and intense intellectual contest due to the interplay between different beliefs, opinions, and other prevailing transformative influences.

Sagittarius is associated with philosophical exploration, expansive ideas, and a quest for truth and meaning, and the moon culminating here encourages the expression of diverse opinions and the exploration of different belief systems. During a Full Moon, emotions can become heightened, and folks may feel strongly about their convictions and perspectives and whose right & wrong. This can lead to passionate debates, clashes of ideologies, and a greater need for understanding and acceptance of diverse viewpoints.

We can see from the chart that there’s bound to be some bitter clashes.

The conjunction between the lunation ruler, Jupiter in Taurus and the Moon’s transiting North Node amplifies the collective influence of beliefs, values, and growth-oriented experiences. Jupiter represents integration, harmonisation and optimism, while the North Node points us to the direction of soul growth and higher destiny. This alignment suggests that there may be a clash between traditional or established beliefs (Taurus) and the desire for broader perspectives and genuine acceptance of inalienable and eternal truths (Sagittarius). Of course, this is bound to lead to heated debates as different schools of thought or individuals staunchly defend their belief systems and challenge each other’s fundamental viewpoints.

Additionally, the conjunction of Mercury with Uranus and asteroid Vesta in calm, unflinching Taurus further reinforces the stamina during this Full Moon. Mercury, ruler of the opposing Gemini Sun, represents communication, intellect, and exchange of ideas, while Uranus harkens sudden change, innovation, and unconventional thinking. The presence of Vesta in this trifecta, associated with devotion and sacred beliefs, also adds an element of passion and dedication to our most rigidly-held convictions.

In the realm of unexpected and disruptive conversations, where revolutionary ideas collide with established norms, there exists a space where the “crazy creatives” find their home. Unlike the faint-hearted, these resilient individuals do not succumb to the relentless scrutiny that often plagues the creative realm. Instead, they draw strength from opposition and negative feedback, using it to fuel their unwavering ambition.

Just as insanity imparts valuable lessons, it is these “crazy creatives” who teach us the art of harnessing our gifts wisely and embracing all those who assail us. Within this context, the upcoming period of the Sagittarius Full Moon beckons with its potential for mind-blowing revelations, breakthroughs, and a resounding call to question and challenge deeply ingrained beliefs and noxious incredulity. It is a time when the clash between progressive thinking and entrenched traditions sets the stage for a revolutionary new era of growth and the birth of fresh perspectives.

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Relationship Pressure Points

Of course, it is the 8th harmonic chart pattern [see below] that links two oppositions by two semi-squares, known as the “Octile Cross” which intrigues us here. In this pattern, two semi-squares (45º angles)are in opposition to each other, forming a super-tension – not just a clash or polarity between two sets of opposing energies or principles but the semi-squares further intensify this tension by adding a sense of conflict, challenge, and frustration.

In the coming days a palpable sense of pressure will be felt as the opposing energies struggle for dominance, while the semi-squares add a sense of urgency and demand for resolution. At the centre of this pattern, we have the Sun opposing the Moon, a duel between the conscious self and the emotional, subconscious aspects of our being. This opposition signifies a fundamental polarity between our ego-driven desires and our emotional needs and instincts. It highlights the ongoing struggle to balance our individual identity based on expressing our thoughts and opinions with our emotional need to feel understood and nurtured in our belief systems.

Connected to this central opposition, we have the Venus/Pluto opposition. Venus represents our values, relationships, and our capacity to experience love and pleasure, while Pluto represents manipulation, power dynamics, and deep psychological processes that lead to phenomenal shifts. The opposition between Venus and Pluto implies a tension between our desire for harmony, connection, and intimacy, and the transformative forces that challenge and push us to explore the depths of our relationships and desires, and our attempts to harmonise these conflicting energies by means of exerting power and influence over others.

The semisquare ties of these two oppositions that form the Octile Cross can generate internal and external tension, friction, impatience, and internal pressure. The sustained Sun/Venus semi-square throughout May-June underscores where we have grown tired or indifferent to showing appreciation and respect, leading to being ignored by family and loved ones. The culminating Sadge Moon’s semisquare to Pluto in Aquarius exhumes absolute frankness without fear of public censure, prompting an incontrollable need to engage in unconventional or shocking behaviour to prove a point. This creates a sense of urgency and demand for resolution in the areas governed by these planetary energies, posing challenges that can push us to examine our beliefs, confront unresolved issues, and develop new perspectives, both in personal and broader relationships.

After an energetically messy eclipse period followed by last week’s fixed grand cross, this lunation calls for proactive problem-solving, adaptability, and a willingness to embrace change, not only in our thinking but our interpersonal values and beliefs.

By unleashing a hive of difficult shadow complexes into our affairs, this Octile Cross ultimately serves as a catalyst for personal and spiritual evolution, pushing us to transcend the fundamental limitations conditioned in the eloquence patterns of our lower mind and find innovative ways to reconcile opposing forces within ourselves and in our external circumstances. It invites us to steer through the tension with mindfulness, resilience, and a commitment to finding a higher synthesis of the opposing energies.

It is, in some sense, a fancy way of saying that our argument over class, sex, gender, sociopolitical classification, bio-special taxonomy, etc., sometimes described as a science and sometimes as an art, is really just a relationship battleground where everyone is somehow going to find a way to be offended.

The Need For Controversy

If nothing else, this Full Moon awakens us to the occasional need for controversy and rigorous debate in our lives. Controversy is necessary because it promotes critical thinking, stimulates dialogue, and challenges established beliefs and ideas that have become indoctrinated into norms. It encourages us to question, analyse, and engage in meaningful discussions about the most crucial issues, particularly how words and ideas can become crafted into emissaries of manipulation and power. Controversy allows us to take apart and examine our individual thoughts and ideas, primarily to explore their validity to stand up to scrutiny and their capacity to withstand different perspectives, leading to a deeper understanding of complex topics and fostering intellectual growth. It also helps to identify and address societal problems, driving progress and change. Without controversy, there is a risk of complacency, stagnation, and the perpetuation of unexamined assumptions.

With Rx PLUTO at the cusp of Capricorn/Aquarius, the polarisation of society’s divide is palpable. Those who care to have an opinion are split right down the middle of every intersectionality, and the tension isn’t just sexual; it encompasses domestic, social, cultural, political, and economic realms, rendering a broadly fragmented landscape, inside and out.

With every passing day, the divide intensifies, accentuated now by the opposing forces at play. On one side, we find the compliant masses, hypnotically swayed by mainstream narratives and propaganda (from all angles of the political spectrum), indoctrinated into conceptions of societal norms and expectations. On the extreme other end, the sceptical few stand firm, resistant to authority, fiercely protecting personal interests and individual sovereignty. Somewhere in this divide is you, too, your ego suitably tangled up in the self-interests of a proposed outcome in any debate. However, your stance on each issue may vary, agreeably aligning with the pack on some matters while boldly standing defiant against the status quo on others, ready to defend what you consider to be your fundamental rights and freedoms at any cost.

This chasm reaches far beyond the realm of personal issues. Socially we are still dealing with the socioeconomic and psychoemotional fallout of post-COVID sentiments, stretching its influence across a spectrum of contentious topics. From complex domestic economic policies and scandals with public figures to sordid dealing in foreign conflicts like the war in Ukraine, divisive disputes surrounding LGBTQ and abortion rights, the messy aftermath of the post-Trump era, climate change, and religious controversies, each of us finds ourselves entangled in a complex web of polarising ideologies. As Pluto creeps back into Capricorn, the goat, the palpable tension in the air serves as a haunting reminder of historical events, a foreshadowing wave reminiscent of the Salem witch trials, where dissenters were unjustly targeted, scapegoated and eliminated.

In the face of such deep divisions and the controversy that rears its ugly head in nearly every affair, the urgent need for open dialogue, understanding, and empathy becomes paramount.

Few of us know that only through calm, respectful engagement and a genuine willingness to listen can we hope to bridge the gaps and mend our way through this increasingly fragmented and contentious landscape.

Curiously, only a few perceive the gravity of the situation and can act in self-empowering ways. This is precisely how the ancient dark forces of change operate, concealing themselves beneath an impenetrable cloak of invisibility while stealthily conscripting the souls of the living dead into their minions to front their dirty wars. The true nature of Pluto’s nefarious deeds is revealed only when things spiral drastically out of control, transforming into a grotesque and haunting spectacle, from crisis to crisis, leaving us grappling with nightmarish emergencies…

As this Full Moon approaches, you will observe that the cosmos is miring you into some sort of controversy or another. In some sense, it calls you to speak out, to show your conviction, your faith, and your belief about what’s true and right, whilst at the same time, pitting you into possible dispute and disagreement. Can you see how you cannot sit on the fence for much longer? Once again, I have crafted a personalised message for each zodiac sign [links below], offering unique insights and guidance for navigating the energies of this lunation. Read yours, both Sun Sign and Rising, and have an amazing lunation xx

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