“From Me to We”: Restoring Balance on the FULL MOON at 16°07′ LIBRA, Thursday, April 06, 2023, 04:34 UTC

As the Libra Moon reaches its peak opposing the Aries Sun, an aura of restlessness and the urge for action and provocation fills the air. With the Mars-ruled Aries Sun taking centre stage, we may sense an intense drive to pursue our personal aspirations and blaze our own trails.

This phenomenon can be likened to what biologist Richard Dawkins calls “The Selfish Gene” – a realisation that as individuals, we are all in competition with one another, propelled by a deep-seated motivation not just to survive but to thrive and evolve. Whilst this heady drive to get ahead can spark healthy contest, fueling progress and development in all areas of life, under a Libran lunation, we are reminded that we are not alone in our pursuits, and that there are others around us who may also be vying for similar goals.

Governed by Venus, Libra is associated with the formation of cooperative relationships and connections with others, emphasising the need for balance, harmony, and compromise in all aspects of life. As this Full Moon peaks, it invites us to pause and reevaluate our approach to achieving our goals, taking into consideration the impact of our most selfish actions on those around us.

The Libra Full Moon is well-known for its emphasis on partnership and collaboration, urging us to examine the intricate dynamics of our closest relationships. Are we equally giving and receiving? Are we valuing the opinions and needs of our partners as much as our own? Despite the Aries Sun’s inclination to prioritise our own needs, the Libra Moon reminds us that healthy relationships require a healthy balance of give and take. It might be time to encourage more communication, listening as well as speaking up, consider the effects of our self-centred actions on others, and through engagement in civil debate, understand that establishing healthy boundaries that respect the individual needs of both parties is essential to maintaining healthy relationships.

When it comes to balancing our personal lives, it’s time to take a moment and reflect on how our self-centred actions may sometimes upset the delicate equilibrium of life. We all have bouts where we feel drawn towards the call to satisfy our more primitive urges, but we must be mindful not to let it tip the scales too much. At times, we act rashly, and impulsively, without thinking things through. Other times, we feel indecisive, inundated by the myriad of options and yet unsure of what to do. Paralysed by indecision, we end up doing nothing at all. It’s a tricky balance, one that may cause some serious inner conflict under this lunation, but one we can master with practice and self-awareness.

Another theme under this lunation is how our insecurity about our identity can cause us to become too eager to prove ourselves or overly reliant on personal relationships for validation and approval. This desperate desire to be liked, and an excess of enthusiasm and ardour may cause a wanton hyperreactivity from others, one that repels or pushes them away, preventing lasting, meaningful connections from forming. We may mistakenly focus too much on the sexual aspect of relationships, mistaking passion and excitement for emotional, intellectual, and spiritual compatibility, ending up offending the other person’s sensibilities with our crudeness, lack of tact, patience or impropriety.

In even the most supportive relationships, our need to satisfy our desires and assert our reckless self-determination rears its rams-head most forthrightly. Without realising it, we may try to assert dominance over our partner, either by being too confrontational and forceful or by putting on a fake mask of politeness, using condescending or patronising behaviour to manipulate the situation in our favour. We may even fight to define “equal partnership” to our own advantage, leading to frustration and anger when we feel that the other person isn’t pulling their weight or treating us fairly. Inadvertently, when we pull performative displays, we only end up exacerbating conflict rather than resolving it.

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To genuinely reconcile the duality of Aries and Libra, we need to focus on channelling the Aries assertiveness towards constructive, considerate action while employing the agreeable, accommodating Libran manner to help evaluate the most feasible course of action. We need to harness the raw, unbridled drive and initiative of Aries to conquer indecisiveness, indolence and apathy, choose a path, and act decisively while still upholding our individuality. In standing up for our own needs, we can also stand up for and champion the needs of others, forming strong and mutually beneficial connections. Aries energy inspires us to initiate social interaction, enliven relationships with enthusiasm and verve, and strengthen our bonds by engaging in fulfilling activities.

We can use the Libra Full Moon’s tranquil effect on the Aries Sun to temper our impulsive nature and create a synergy. Libra’s discernment and ability to evaluate options before taking action allows us to make sound decisions that align with our deepest selves while considering others. This moderation of energies promotes fairness, consideration, and a willingness to cooperate, expanding our awareness and promoting a harmonious existence.

The Libra Full Moon calls us to action, and through our conflicts, summons us to find harmony between our individuality and our need to get along with others. We may find ourselves eager to embrace novel and exciting experiences, yet we must also recognise the importance of maintaining balance in our interpersonal dynamics. This lunation prompts us to approach any conflicts with a measured and diplomatic hand, and to consider how we can balance our desire for independence with our need for meaningful connections with others. We are being gifted with a unique opportunity to integrate the themes of assertiveness and negotiation, paving the way for greater harmony and understanding among ourselves and with all those around us.

In the world at large, the Libra Full Moon may bring attention to conflicts that arise from the imbalance of power and the lack of cooperation. In terms of politics and social justice, the Libra full moon highlights the need for dialogue and compromise. Rather than engaging in combative rhetoric and demonising those with different viewpoints, this Full Moon urges us to seek common ground and find ways to work together towards shared goals. This could mean setting aside our own egos and agendas in order to listen to others, or finding creative solutions that take into account the needs and perspectives of all groups involved. As we head into eclipses, these matters could escalate tremendously into a critical mass.

On a global scale, the Libra full moon encourages the entire world to consider the tenuous balance between war and peace. It asks us to reflect on the ways in which nations and their individual citizens use power and to seek ways to reduce conflict and promote greater cross-cultural understanding. This could mean advocating for diplomacy and peaceful resolutions to ongoing conflicts, or finding ways to address the underlying issues that lead to tensions, violence and war. Ultimately, the Libra Full Moon calls on us to cultivate a greater sense of balance and harmony in all aspects of our lives, both individually and collectively.

In the coming days, powerful planetary transits to Chiron, Jupiter, Eris, and Pluto are likely to stir up a great deal of inner turmoil and unrest. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of these cosmic energies, then do not fear. As usual, I have created a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the challenges of this Full Moon and the upcoming eclipses of the next month.

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Many blessings, and have an amazing Full Moon xx

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