“I learned that just beneath the surface, there’s another world, and still different worlds as you dig deeper. I knew it as a kid but couldn’t find proof. It was just a kind of feeling. There is goodness in blue skies and flowers, but another force…a wild pain and decay…also accompanies everything.”

~ David Lynch

Venus finds herself trapped in an all-consuming bond with Pluto, an attraction as intense as it is toxic. A bond that, though fiery and passionate, burns with a deadly flame that threatens to consume her. The temptation to break free from the grip of this possessive lover is strong, but the stakes are high, and the price of escape is steep.

She knows that whatever choice she makes, the scars will be indelible. Yet, the allure of Pluto’s promises, the seductive whispers of every forbidden and lascivious pleasure she has ever dreamed of, beckons her. All he asks for in return is her soul.

Squaring Pluto at the anaretic, Venus stands at a crossroads, torn between the yearning for emancipation from the underworld and the magnetic pull of her captor.

The air is dank, charged with palpable tension as she contemplates her options, knowing that any choice she makes will ripple through the cosmos. It’s a gamble, a dance with the devil that could lead to either ruin or the birth of a new self. The world holds its breath as she considers the offer, the promise of every lustful pleasure she’s ever desired in exchange for her soul. Will she resist the temptation or succumb to Pluto’s seduction?

Only time will reveal the outcome of this fateful decision, but one thing is for certain – nothing will ever be the same again…. [here’s an article, last edited in Dec 2021…]

Just a heads up to my tribe that tomorrow, we are back for a special lunation report. So many exciting yet unnerving things need to shift as we head into a brand-new astrological new year. I wish you all can join me as I know the great ‘release’ will, for many, be a difficult process but necessary for moving forward and welcoming the new global beginnings that come with this Epic New Moon on the world axis.

See you all tomorrow:
02:00 UTC – 19:00 PDT – 20:00 MDT – 21:00 CDT – 22:00 EDT – 13:00 AEDT – 4:00 SAST

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  1. Thank Ang for sharing your gifts. I’m sorry not to be financially viable to access your tribe information. Really appreciate all do you share very much appreciated. Sending love from us to you x