“Surviving the Stormclouds” – THE NEW MOON at 01°22′ PISCES, Monday, February 20, 2023, 07:06 UTC

In the lead-up to Sunday’s Pisces New Moon, you have most likely been sensing a certain ‘deadening’ level of emotional experience. This gloomy feeling of finality is amplified by the current state of disconnectedness in the world, as many people are grappling with the sense that we are living in “end times.” While the idea of the end of times may seem harrowing, let’s keep in mind that every ending also makes way for a brave new beginning. The Pisces New Moon, which falls at the end of the astrological year, offers a powerful opportunity for spiritual renewal and rebirth.

The New Moon falling on the first, or “critical degree”, of Pisces (01°♓22′), is considered the most potent in astrology since it represents a pronounced transition from one astrological energy to another. Similarly, on the next Full Moon (Mar 7), Saturn will also transition from Aquarius to Pisces, the first of 3 significant shifts in March. We also anticipate the Equinox (Mar 20) and Pluto’s ingress into Aquarius (Mar 24) to usher in critical changes, felt both internally and all over the world.

Saturn, the ruler of order, duty and karmic obligation, aligns with this New Moon, perhaps adding a sense of groundedness and stability to this lunation’s otherwise ethereal and elusive energy. Saturn also saddles us with his special brand of heaviness and frustration. This is not an easy time for many. In one sense, this New Moon provides a glimpse of how it’s going to be for us over the coming 2-3 years. In another, this lunation allows us to look back on what we’ve been through over these past 2-3 years, with Saturn through Aquarius.

One might say that Saturn’s transit through Aquarius (2020-23) has blanketed society with a collective chill of woke-minded disconnectedness and widespread suspicion. A perverse sense of distrust, regardless of where it comes from, has caused people to make wild assumptions about others, leaving us all in a state of alienation and wilful dissociation. Whether we avoided each other intentionally or followed ‘official distancing guidelines’, Saturn’s job in Aquarius, to fragment all members of society, was done. 

As a result, we now feel emotionally cut off from each other, living in a strange, liminal realm, devoid of warm human connections. Our most peculiar behaviour and oddest traits have become increasingly exposed to the world, leaving us with the most threatening fear of being forever isolated, our individuality devoured by some unstoppably over-arching transhumanistic control agenda.

However, those who can distinguish between emotionally performative, idealistically-minded displays and the expression of genuine human feelings have learned the importance of uniting the head and the heart. Recognising our tendency to make assumptions and working on connecting with others by sharing our most authentically heartfelt thoughts and feelings, despite the fear of rejection, has been the hardest-gained lesson from this period, and a crucial factor in setting our intentions during this New Moon.

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With the forthcoming ingress of Saturn into Pisces in March 2023, it is feasible to predict the heightened sensitivity to collective pain, particularly among individuals lacking a sense of connection with their own suffering, may turn towards quixotic gestures of self-anointed martyrdom. 

Although noble in its intent, this tendency towards misplaced self-sacrifice can create anxieties about losing oneself in the sea of collective sorrow. Consequently, we may see individuals inclined to retreat into the realms of spirituality and fantasy, seeking solace in alternative dimensions from planet earth’s overwhelming collective pain of existential reality, a condition they might perceive as uncontrollable and simply unbearable.

There is a worrying potential for individuals to slump into a loss of self-identity, particularly when faced with overwhelming social grief due to widespread illness and economic or emotional depression. As other celestial events suggest, this may be a difficult period for the masses. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves for what lies ahead. Developing a stronger awareness of inner, individual boundaries that differentiate us from the collective must be the first step in addressing this fear. The greater the sense of inner self-definition, the more compassionately we will perform our selfless service to the community around us.


The key for this Pisces lunation is being aware of and connected with working on our own pain while maintaining a sense of self and individuality. By doing so, we can avoid the pitfalls of self-martyrdom and instead find ways to serve the collective without losing ourselves in the process.

Under this New Moon, it is time to let go of our toxic historical and cultural entanglements and any attachments still holding us back. This involves releasing old patterns of behaviour, letting go of relationships that no longer serve us, or simply relinquishing control, surrendering to the flow of life and trusting in the universe to guide you.

Remember that even in times of great turmoil and uncertainty, there is always hope for a brighter future. By welcoming the dissolving energy of the Pisces New Moon and allowing yourself to be open to fantastic new possibilities, you can summon the strength and resilience to face whatever challenges may come your way.

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(Cover Art by Elena Vizerskaya)

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