“An Air of Transparency” The NEW MOON at 01°33′ AQUARIUS, Saturday, January 21 2023, 20:55 UTC

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As we usher in the Aquarian New Moon, we also get a sense that “things are gonna be a lot different from now on”. You say you want space, freedom, independence, equality, the right to “tell it as it is”, the freedom to walk away, more honesty and transparency, but…”be careful what you wish for”, they say.

New Moons are exciting times, symbolising a time of renewal, a chance to leave behind past baggage and embrace new beginnings. They mark the start of a new lunar cycle, where we can sow new seeds, set new intentions, and embark on new projects, relationships, career directions, financial prospects and health routines. Just as every month brings new words, ideas and concepts into vogue, every New Moon presents a fresh opportunity to use these to shape our lives and make them extraordinary. 

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Why is this New Moon special?

Resetting at 01°33′ Aquarius, the Moon’s commencement of her synodic cycle here emphasises the rawest qualities of Aquarius. She is truth-seeking, shrewdly intellectual and forward-looking, imbuing many of us with the fixed air’s convivial open-mindedness, inquisitive curiosity and love of science, innovation, progress and reform. While Aquarius inspires us to share our more individualistic, uncompromisingly quirky and independent qualities, the drawbacks are that we can become too detached, aloof and intolerant of that which does not interest us, even developing into radical, rebellious and eccentric behaviours, which, when expressed too obstinately, can lead us to become rigidly inflexible, weirdly unsociable or bigoted in our fixed views.

In any sense, in an atmosphere of open sharing, an air trine to Mars, now direct in Gemini, fans the flames of controversy and debate; the rumination of facts over the past couple of months is now passed around fast and furiously, yet, with Mars out of bounds, we never quite know how or where it’s all going to land.

sextile to Jupiter in Aries indicates that it’s always a good time to proclaim that we are morally right, and what better time to pontificate our honest, unsolicited opinion as an ‘inalienable truth’ than right now? [←sarcasm]

This New Moon at the anaretic degree of Aquarius, considered a “harbinger for the progressive new earth”, is made particularly potent and impactful by its dissociative conjunction with Pluto, currently in the final stages of the hierarchical Capricorn. It was in the early degrees of Aquarius that Jupiter and Saturn formed their “Great Conjunction” in December 2020, signalling a shift in consciousness away from the mundanity and limitations of the physical realm and towards the infinite possibilities for exploration in the realms of the astral dimensions and the quantum universe. This event, which we discussed in depth in our latest cosmic bus episode, highlights why the Aquarian New Moon’s earth-shattering need for disclosure of truth is noteworthy and significant in our current age.

AQUARIUS NEW MOON Lunation Report “Icebreaker” [Cosmic Bus #2303]

The new concept of absolute transparency of information, which is closely linked to Aquarius, is increasingly pressing and relevant as we head into the next 12 months. This is because Aquarius prioritises openness, sharing, and group collaboration, as well as breaking free from traditional norms of secrecy and information hoarding by individuals, companies and agencies as a means towards greater inclusiveness and less corruption. However, as technology advances and we see the increasing use of super-surveillance, comprehensive algorithms and advanced AI applications, the connection between transparency and information fluidity becomes a complex and nuanced topic.

As we are learning through Jupiter’s recent and Saturn’s still current pass through Aquarius, complex legal and ethical considerations when sharing or handling sensitive data require some degree of establishing a data governance framework that ensures regulatory compliance and some degree of transparency in how the data is used. Without proper governance, data – now more precious than oil – may be misused, resulting in regulatory issues and the erosion of social confidence, both in content users and creators (see Facebook, Twitter). Excessive transparency can lead to gross inaccuracies, distortion of facts, counterproductive fears and inhibitions, and lack of privacy, which can harm interpersonal trust and negatively impact collaborative performance within teams, networks or organisations. Sharing information, as we are discovering, can be wonderful but can lead to all kinds of frightful sociological disasters.

During this New Moon at 01°♒33′, you may become more aware of the way you choose to share your personal experiences or information with others. This may include how open and friendly you are with others, and how willing you are to be vulnerable and share your thoughts and feelings along a range of different mediums. It’s a time to reflect on the way you interact with others and to consider if you are being true to yourself in those interactions. It may also be a time to consider how transparent you wish to be with others as a means of fostering meaningful connections or if it’s time to make significant changes in those interactions, particularly if you feel too exposed and unable to function freely.

It’s crucial to establish “zones of privacy” in important relationships or shared spaces. This helps to balance transparency and privacy, promoting willful collaboration, shared learning, social inclusivity and experimentation while also preserving personal space for diversity and individual autonomy and quirkiness. Finding this balance leads to more innovative, productive, and thoughtful interactions with others, including loved ones, friends, family, colleagues, members of the public and officials.

This month may see the emergence of unexpected information and the revelation of personal, private, and secret matters that have an impact on a wide range of people. However, it hits Scorpio and Taurus particularly hard and builds up to a horrendous climax for Leo in the coming fortnight. With Venus and Saturn also in conjunction, this lunation is a perfect opportunity to reassess our relationships and the level of sharing we wish to maintain if, indeed, we still have things in common. It’s a time to consider whether we need to re-establish boundaries, redefine the terms of our friendships or thoroughly detach and move on. With my horoscope insights [link below], you’ll be able to navigate this challenging period and make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

Many blessings, and may you have an amazing New Moon xx

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