AQUARIUS NEW MOON Lunation Report “Icebreaker” [Cosmic Bus #2303]

As we await the Aquarian Micro-Moon, just two days away, we also get a sense that things are going to be 'a lot different from now on'. You say you want space, freedom, independence, equality, to "tell it as it is", the right to coldly pack your bags and walk away... just be careful what you wish for.

As if things don't get frigid enough during the Sun's passage through Capricorn, we are now about to enter into the arctic blasts of Aquarius' glacial cerebral brilliance, where Saturn has been for the past two years, cloaking all humanity under a kind of extended blanket of "winter of our discontent", sorting us all out with his officially dissociating 'social distancings' and "trust the science" rhetoric.

Yes Aquarius is cool, icy-cold... downright frozen, for that matter - a sign of things to come when Pluto finally enters, too, prepossessing our 'intelligence' with an all-consuming chill that serves only to sever and dissociate our hearts from any signs of any sentimentality - like hell freezing over, actually, and If you don't believe me just check out what's happened to 'love and relationships' since Venus entered, now hovering closer and closer to Saturn as the Moon gets darker this weekend...

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