“And Now You Know” – The NEW MOON at 01°38′ SAGITTARIUS: Wednesday, November 23, 2022, 22:58 UTC

[art: Gabriel Pacheco]

After the Taurus Blood Moon of November 8, the next lunation milestone will be the New Moon at 01°♐38′, which will occur on Wednesday, November 23, at 22:58 UTC.

Arguably, this eclipse season has been felt intensely across the world, coinciding with significant disruptive reversals in the tech world, crashing crypto markets, shake-ups in social media platforms, and upsets in the UK, US and Brazilian politics and war in Ukraine. Whilst the augury for the coming months predicts further instability and tension, it is primarily the developments we do not see that impact us significantly as we see the year out and head into 2023.

As a result, many have turned to disconnect from investing in the discordance of the exterior nonsense and sparing their precious energy for their own internal processing. This has been particularly evident in the last few days when Luna is in her darkest phase.

New Moons

At the New Moon phase, the Moon appears in the same part of the sky as the Sun and rises and sets with it (conjunction). For us observers, the bright side of the Moon faces the Sun, while the night side faces Earth, rendering Luna invisible. However, due to the Moon’s inclination, she will not pass directly between Earth and the Sun (as in an eclipse), merely near it.

New Moons are exciting times, promising new beginnings. We sense the anticipation building in the preceding days as the old synodic cycle reaches completion. After shedding the more toxic effects of this last, most intense month, we are ready to start afresh and resume the next part of our journey. Now is the time to challenge ourselves to take the next step, plant the seeds of intention, conceive new ideas, meet new people and start new projects.

The Sagittarian Focus

The confluence of luminary energies in this mutable/firey sign accentuates the excitement and enthusiasm of fire (spirit) in a way that is changeable and willing to adapt. Sagittarius is the wildfire, unrestrainable and out of control. Ruled by the expansive Jupiter, planets transiting through this part of the sky promote life’s boundless quest for personal freedom and unbridled self-expression.

The mutable fire lunation ignites our more purposeful, single-minded, goal-directed aspirations. The archer is prescient, prophetic and future-oriented, and his discharge of fiery arrows into the vast skies inspires us to look forwards, searching for promising new fields. This is the time of year when our truth-seeking, open-minded and philosophical nature becomes aroused by an urge to learn, experience, grow and take our chances with the unknown, the foreign and exotic. There is a sense of adventure, buoyancy and high spirits, we become generous, more inclined to be direct, frank and truthful, explore the meaning and integrate all we know into some coherent story that feels intuitively moral and true and in alignment with a set of principles and ethics by which to live.

Sagittarius is a dual sign, and its more bestial side betrays where we are impractical, unrealistic, and restless, tending to speculate and veer into abstruse, self-deluding abstractions we might cast in rather dogmatically opinionated, preachy and intolerant ways. The Jupiterian excess inflates us to go too far, be blunt, tactless, crude and wasteful, unreliable and inconsistent in imposing our truth upon others, and the sense of hypocrisy, wastefulness and cavalier manner about everything can be a considerable turn-off.

Learn more about the Sagittarian spirit, motivation and life proclivities here in our latest episode of Cosmic Bus.

The lunation in this sign activates all these attributes in our chart. Its occurrence in the early degrees only intensifies our Sagittarian consciousness-expanding and liberating initiatives from the limitations of mundane existence.

Contributing Factors

Most significant to this lunation is a dissociative trine from Jupiter. Currently retrograde in the last degrees of Pisces, Jupiter will turn direct in the hour before this lunation becomes precise, lending a most benefic influence upon our New Moon intentions.

Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, typifies success and triumph, serendipity, and every imaginable blessing life has to bestow. The ‘great benefic’ also lends his endorsement to excess, arrogance, waste, and sloppiness, and his reprised conjunction to Neptune inflates our most fantastical desires to the point where we become overblown, bloated with delusions and patently ineffective.

Generally, this influence will support even our most outlandish intentions. Even when circumstances seem dire or dismal, we can look on the bright side. This optimism, real or simply wishful, opens us up to the many avocational interests that can potentially fill our lives with purpose and promise for a better tomorrow. As philosopher Lao Tzu puts it, “when the journey of a thousand miles requires us to take the first step”, Jupiter encourages us to move in the right direction, and what may come will come.

Other Planetary Influences

Although Jupiter provides an extenuating tap on the shoulder upon this New Moon, there are a couple of inculpative circumstances to consider since the positivity we feel is also felt by others, especially those whose design is to amass greater power and commandeer more control over our world, often at our expense.

Saturn, now direct, intends to impose further reforms to our exterior reality before he exits Aquarius in March 2023, despite a series of squares from Uranus, railing against any restrictive measures for nearly two years now. Pluto, also direct, now takes his final steps on his death march to the top of the Capricorn summit, a corporeal effort to reconstruct the ‘perfected state’ into one supreme patriarchal hegemony, even if it has stirred the spiteful ire and envy of Eris’ diabolical wrath, effectively setting us up for her usual war/disease/starvation routine. Jupiter’s trine to Pluto wholeheartedly supports centralising a deep, invisible, yet overarching power.

Also in play is the sustained square from a retrograde Mars to Neptune, whose heightened sensitivity to taking offense has made us ineffective. This is primarily responsible for us tuning out of bothering to communicate anything at all, since the indifference, passive aggressiveness and propensity for hostile miscommunication created over the past few weeks have left us drained, confused and wholly despondent.

Mars also holds a trine to Saturn and sextile to Eris, indicating that efforts are leaning more toward organised retribution, although with Mars out-of-bounds and retrograde, this is one offensive that could lead us to who knows where.

Mercury and Venus, now also conjunct in Sagittarius, trine Chiron, may intuitively lend impetus to imbue all communication with passion and authenticity, but as we’ve said, with their midpoint activating the Pluto/Eris square, sometimes the most profoundly compassionate way to ‘say it’ is to shut the f up and say nothing at all.

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Synthesis and Context

Sagittarius takes all experiences, however varied and broad, and tries to integrate them into knowledge, wisdom, truth etc. After September 11, the Bush-Obama-Trump years, and the recent Covid pandemic, we’re trying to make sense of what’s going on in today’s chaotic world in hope of building a narrative that gives our lives meaning again.

We see how truth distortion, dishonest and misleading, often for personal gain, takes many forms. We can speak in tongues, in riddling incomprehensibility, feign academic pseudo-complexity, falsely reference authorised scientific data or misquote the scholars; we can exaggerate, fudge over critical scientific research, or deny it even exists; or we can blatantly present false information as fact to push our point across.

However, we’re also awakening to a world built on lies and propaganda, and anything constructed on lies and misinformation, however seductively convenient, has no value. In the wake of it all, we are discovering that much of the world we have bought into is an illusion designed to sidestep inconvenient truths. As Orwell wrote in “Nineteen Eighty-Four” – a book we turn to when the truth is mutilated, when language is distorted, when power is abused, when we want to know how bad things can get,

“Free speech is unthinkable. All other kinds of freedom are permitted. You are free to be a drunkard, an idler, a coward, a backbiter, a fornicator; but you are not free to think for yourself.”

Orwell’s book has become a manifesto of our most apocalyptic fears, yet mirrors how the mainstream of society – from our own parental upbringing, our institution of education, media and religion, disseminates most of its ideas in wholesale fashion. Indoctrination of distorted ideas on a mass scale involves propaganda in the sense that an organised campaign is launched to spread a particular belief or ideology.

Through our own foray into social media, we are discovering how the art of advertising soundbites, marketing slogans, memes, opinionated editorials, and scrupulously manicured published scientific data, mixed in with the trivialities of tabloid and the banal clichés of history, there’s very little room for innocent, authentic thought.

“We are governed, our minds are moulded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society.

~ Edward L. Bernays

When you discover that the function of any political regime – whether democratic, socialist or authoritarian – is to cleverly and consciously manipulate the hive mind, its mass opinions, habits, and beliefs, then it becomes hard to know what to make of any of it, let alone put it into some coherent narrative by which to live.

Through clever machine-learning algorithms, a relatively small group of individuals has managed to hack into the collective mind and understand each individual’s mental processes and social patterns by using mass media tools. The more people awaken to this organised, contrived distortion of truth, the more conscious they become of their unconscious habits to buy into what they are told.

As in the biblical Tower Babel, we, the people, remain scattered in the cacophony of incomprehension, no longer tolerant or patient enough to listen to anything or anyone without doubting them or taking offence. We have elevated taking offence into the new religion of our times. One thing that’s becoming evident, when you’re exposed to lies and misinformation long enough, you develop a gag reflex.

Most of all, we are discovering how those who control the official narrative of mainstream society constitute a hidden administrative agenda, and their insidious attempt to hold and maintain power at all costs becomes the actual governing power over our lives, conveniently binding us to lies and misinformation, blinding us to truth.

[art: Gabriel Pacheco]

Over time, our distrust of establishment narratives has led us to seek the truth and many others to choose their own “truths”. We have become cynical and incredulous, not knowing who to trust and, through the course of elimination, are left to rely only on our intuition. Our intention here, on this New Moon, is to see through the charade and get to the truth. When we discover the truth, it becomes not merely our privilege to know it, but our duty to spread Truth by living authentically as possible.

Of course, I have prepared an insightfully empowering horoscope reading (complete with intention) for each of your zodiac signs. Please read both your Sun sign and Rising sign, and have an amazing New Moon xx

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(Cover Art by Gabriel Pacheco)

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