‘SHOOT FOR THE STARS’ Sagittarius New Moon Lunation Report [Cosmic Bus #2246]

With the SCORPIO/TAURUS eclipses done, we can see how much needs to change and what must be done to rebuild stability.

As JUPITER stations and the planetary focus shifts into Sagittarius, we must try to think beyond our homes, beyond the fire burning in our own fireplace, beyond sending the kids to school or waking up to get work in the morning.

By Wednesday's SADGE NEW MOON, our firey projections extend beyond our own hearth...

We must try to think how we can help this world, for we know if we don’t do something, nobody will. As warriors of light, it is our turn to help the world.

Join me here on Cosmic Bus for a full lunation report.

In this episode, Ang discusses:

  • The critical significance of the SUN/MOON (lunation cycle)
  • the Sun entering Sagittarius and the overall tonalities of the Sign (duality, low/high application)
  • the trans-social sector of the zodiac
  • Jupiter stationing direct at the end of Pisces
  • The Jupiter/Neptune effect (and its poster child: Elizabeth Holmes)
  • the New Moon in Sagittarius, integrating our knowledge into new concepts
  • Saturn direct in Aquarius - social fragmentation and regrouping
  • Saturn entering Pisces in March - crystalising spiritual vision, turning emotional content into matter
  • 2025/2026 - Saturn/Neptune conjunction - the REAL "Great Reset" and what it means for humanity
  • insights into Pluto in Aquarius - collective administration via the algorithm/corruption in the machine
  • and much, much more

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