SOLAR ECLIPSE at 02°00′ SCORPIO, Tuesday, October 25 – ‘Battles Left To Conquer Before We Can Restore Trust and Security’

Eclipses happen at six-month intervals when a New and Full Moon occur along the Moon’s Nodal Axis. The second Solar Eclipse of 2022 will occur on Tuesday, October 25 at 2º00′ Scorpio.

At around 10:50 UTC, the Sun, Moon and Earth will form a straight line, and those able to view this phenomenon will observe the Moon partially covering the disk of the Sun. Staying mindful that staring directly at the Sun without the correct filtering lenses is never a good idea, if you are able to witness this phenomenon, your region of the world is probably experiencing some of the intensely regenerative shifts in power, associated with the sign of Scorpio.

Though only a partial eclipse (0.86 mag.), the Moon’s passage over the Sun will be visible from most of Europe, northern Africa, the Middle East, and western Asia.

Does a partial eclipse mean its effects will be less intense? 

All eclipses, total or partial, mark significant signposts in the evolutionary course of human consciousness. Their mundane effects have been building for months, and the lives of those most personally impacted usually take a profound turn. This is because they intrinsically link our luminaries, Sun and Moon, to the Moon’s Nodal Axis – invisible points, North and South where the moon’s path intercepts the ecliptic (Sun’s path). .. more about eclipses here.

The Nodes tell a story of soul evolution, reincarnation, fate and destiny in the current life (North Node) and past incarnations (South Node). Hence, all lunations (New and Full Moon) that contact these nodes act as significant catalysts that challenge humanity’s collective plight to actualise its full soul potential, jolting us backwards and forward along our evolutionary timeline, allowing us to both revisit and clear out stagnant karmic energy.

Whilst effects of a Partial are assumed not as strong or long-lasting as a Total Solar Eclipse, astrological, the personal impact of eclipses (and all lunations in general) depends more on their proximity of aspect to natal planets or other factors in your horoscope, particularly the hard aspects (conjunction, square, opposition).

For instance, if an eclipse occurs on or around your birthday (conjunct with your natal Sun), this will be a significant year for you, whose effects will be felt for years. Since eclipses tend to short-circuit an individual’s terrestrial concerns with more celestial or spiritually significant matters, they assist in nudging us towards or away from what matters at the soul level.

Eclipses are the astrologer’s primary tool in forecasting and guiding the spiritual development of an individual in the context of his current world.

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South Node Eclipses

The term eclipse comes from the ancient Greek—ékleipsis (ἔκλειψις), meaning to suddenly disappear or to abandon. Whilst the more positive outcomes of an eclipse occurring at the South Node indicate spiritual awakenings which accompany the release or abandoning of something important, it usually comes amidst a period when our primary energies are weakening, drained, depressive and low, which allows any discharge to take place with minimal resistance.

A South Node Solar Eclipse indicates that celestial energy is exiting the terrestrial plane, compelling us to let go of something or someone. Whilst not necessarily a bad thing, eclipses exert forces that appear to strain, crush or break up entities already weakening or breaking down. 

We may feel like we’re losing our grip on something that has played a considerable part in our lives, and this power­lessness or impending loss leaves us feeling withdrawn, frightened, paranoid, and hopeless. However, the truth is that we cannot move forward, let go, forgive ourselves and absolve the situation unless we realise that the situation is over. Issues in our lives most accentuated around the South Node eclipse are usually in theme with what must be relinquished.

A Total Lunar Eclipse follows two weeks later at the North Node in Taurus, indicating that celestial energies are entering our plane, ushering in a flood of new entities, opportunities and circumstances. This pair of eclipses is the second in a 3-part series of Scorpio/Taurus eclipses, awakening humanity to its universal plight towards greater autonomy, self-sufficiency and holding energetic boundaries.

So what are we letting go of with the Solar Eclipse in Scorpio?

Scorpio is an intensely emotional modality due to its fixed-water nature. Its desire to develop exclusive intimacy has the propensity to leave us obsessively concerned with the affairs of others, eventually fostering unhealthy enmeshment of energies. Anything overarchingly controlling and manipulative, addicted to drama, crisis and trauma, will now appear inappropriate, uncomfortable, redundant and ready to relinquish during a Scorpio South Node Eclipse. 

For instance, if a mother has an unhealthy need to dominate her children, which she exemplifies through bullying, terrifying, neglecting, suffocating, indulging, humiliating, overprotecting or abusing them – those children must now come to the recognition that such treatment is wrong. In the preceding weeks and months, events intensified to reveal these South Node flaws and fallacies in the most blatant ways, weakening the dynamic of abuse and bringing it to an end so the long process of recovery and ultimate understanding could begin. Integral to being emotionally healthy, in the above example, is to have a mother who can respect her children’s need to have their own views, do their own thing, feel autonomous, and not perceive this as a betrayal.

Of course, this theme translates to any relationship whose basis is the affixation of one entity or party seizing control over another’s resources for its own self-preservation, validation, power supply, and other self-serving agendas. We, as humans, become symbiotically mired into associations that are somewhat beneficial to our basic survival needs yet ultimately become a hindrance to our spiritual development. Whether for sex, power, emotional security, excitement, etc., when we merge too closely or deeply with another, we ultimately experience some form of suffocation, betrayal or abandonment – a red flag that we should maintain our own boundaries, values, and spiritual prerogatives.  

See more about this eclipse in our latest Cosmic Bus webcast – ‘THIS HAS TO END’ The Astrology of the Scorpio Solar Eclipse [Cosmic Bus #2242]

Outer Planet Influences

These eclipses fall into context with other critical planetary combinations this year, namely the separating squares of SATURN/URANUS, which over the past two years have been indicative of the stringent conflicts emerging between the more conservative and radical elements of our consciousness, as well as the Darwinian-like squares between PLUTO/ERIS, indicators of how easily we are prone to falling prey to widespread disease, wars, famines and natural disasters of this world if we do not learn to acclimate ourselves to epochal changes, both in our environment and in our internal wiring.

Through many mistakes and hardships, many of us are discovering that the only way forward is to adapt, transforming physically and emotionally, slowly and painstakingly, until we get it right. While the most unsettling phase of these slow-moving transits is almost complete, they have nonetheless shown us our worst, lowest, ushering in tremendous attention to our dysfunctions, stirring up deep antisocial impulses – our irritation, anger, fury and rage with ourselves, others and the entire world.

While we have vented these openly, primarily through our media platforms, we have also tried to suppress these. When denied and repressed, our antisocial urges don’t miraculously vanish from our reality. They lurk about in our subconscious, eating away at our insides, waiting to rear their ugly heads via conflicts, wars, illness and disease, hysteria and madness.

Whether it is through self-censorship or via some world-savvy algorithm, demonising any kind of irate behaviour as antagonistic and inappropriate, banishing it from sight, only banks up deeply harboured negativity and resentment in the realms of the collective, which, as we are already witnessing, tends to wildly unfurl itself upon humanity as all sorts of widespread tragedies and ills. The astral and quantum fields are packed with unexpressed ire and ill-intent, forbidden from venting itself through our personal nature, precipitating in ‘the cloud’, ready to rain down onto our world as a stream of global catastrophes.

Inner Planet Influences

Venus’s tight conjunction in this Eclipse indicates that the peace-loving intention of this lunation will reach the hearts of many, regardless of their desire to feel it. Women are particularly significant in this since they are signified by both Venus and the Moon, however, both are essentially debilitated in Scorpio. Emotions are raw, volatile and far too intense to be handled with any degree of moderation. Young, powerless women, sick of feeling stuck in the lower Scorpio consciousness that attracts crisis, abuse, trauma, and strict controls over their urge for autonomy, self-sufficiency and precious resources, take extreme action to release themselves from toxically symbiotic relationships.

Unfortunately, the conjunction makes it challenging to see the positive result we seek to create. The anger and rage felt over being wounded or betrayed exceed our need to protect ourselves and hold firm boundaries. A tendency to overreact and blow the whole thing out of proportion could result in a backlash of more stringent restrictions and chastisement. Naturally, a Mars/Pluto-ruled Scorpio lunation will take matters to extremes. We must remember that when we go too hard in one direction, the reaction will be just as intense coming from the opposite direction. Since this lunation is also an eclipse, we must expect to deal with the consequences of this in some random, wildly inappropriate manner.

A stationing Mars holds a sustained square to Neptune, which in many ways debilitates the masculine assertiveness from acting in directly hostile ways. Also, Mars’ quincunx to Pluto only exacerbates anger issues. In some ways, being caught up in a state of confusion and anger may compel us to act in specific ways, allowing powerful hidden motivations to govern our choices. 

This can be seen in any relationship where one party has reached its tolerance threshold in being used, manipulated or having the rug pulled out from under them. The effects could be revolutionary, but as we’ve seen, revolutions are usually violent and don’t generally end with a win for anyone except those who revel in chaos, mischief and violence.

Mars seems favoured to help us make a stand by this eclipse, but the condition of Mars is severely hampered currently. Slowing to retrograde at the end of October, the square to Neptune isn’t the only concern. A sextile to Eris adds more fuel to his distorted vigour and scorn. Now out of bounds until the next set of eclipses in May 2023, Mars is likely to behave in highly radicalised, unformed and entirely unintegrated ways.

Eclipses Come in Pairs

It would be remiss of me not to mention the severity of upheavals augured by the Total Lunar Eclipse that follows at 16°01′ Taurus on November 8.

Effectively acting as a trigger to unleash all underlying tensions and stresses that have been building between the long-duelling conservatism of Saturn and the extreme radicalism of Uranus, this “Blood Moon from Hell” becomes the defining moment of 2022.

Ushering in the most exciting yet extremely unsettling celestial energy through the North Node portal, we can expect much disruptive news that will somehow impact us all. What we must not expect is much peace and tranquillity.

I will have more to say about this second Lunar Eclipse over the next fortnight.

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Working With the Evolutionary Shifts

The most straightforward advice is to just continue to do what you are doing. Whether you are cognizant of how your life is shifting to align with the collective evolutionary pull forward or not matters only that you are aware of what is transpiring for you, easy or harsh.

Ultimately, everything concerning you is for your greater spiritual benefit. You are letting go of elements in your life causing you to stagnate in toxic or symbiotic ways.

Look where your behaviour becomes defensive or hostile toward anyone offering you regenerative advice. Address the conflicts that have made your life a mere struggle to survive; constantly struggling to escape punishment only leaves everything you once held dear in a trail of wild disarray. You are learning not to scatter, waste or misuse your energies in worthless pursuits and focus on expressing greater love for the earth on which you live, how to appreciate the simple things whose abundant supply and support are always there for you to move forward if you choose it.

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Many blessings, and may you have an amazing eclipse xx

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