“IN HIGHER SERVICE” – The Full Moon at 17°41′ Pisces, Saturday, September 10, 10:00 UTC

[photo: Marcin Nagraba]

As we approach the Libra Equinox (Sep 23), we observe the Virgo Sun reaching the culmination point of his annual cycle and the Pisces Moon culminating in her monthly cycle. Since primitive times, humans had noted that these Equinoxes were significant turning-point moments, when day and night became equal, reversing in their respective lengths. Astrologers also noted how mundane interests shift from the personal to the interpersonal. 

EQUINOXES are hence marked by significant turning points in the development of our awareness. One cannot find relevance in a vacuum; it requires context, feedback, and conflict. The Sun and Moon’s progressive synodic cycles keep us in check; evolving challenges make life meaningful and ensure we’re not slouching in our personal growth and development. 

After six months of focus on the personal (Aries through Virgo), the Sun soon prepares to hold up exterior reference points to see ourselves through others (Libra through Pisces). It’s nearly time to come out and measure up to the mirror of the relationship. Are you feeling the shift that is about to take place?

Yes, we live in phenomenal times when monumental changes are occurring in our exterior world. Much is happening that we do not understand. Outer planetary cycles, like the semisquares bridging Jupiter to the Saturn/Uranus square, as well as the Kuiper-belt squares of Pluto and Eris, are setting the backdrop for a monumental shift, both in our social and internalised experiences. We discussed these in detail in our recent cosmic bus episode.

Orthodox structures seem to crumble into ruins—the old illusion of order and ‘normality’ no longer hold us together as they used to. The foundations of past systems (age-old customs, traditions, laws, policies, religions, constitutions, etc.) are being exposed as patently unsound to hold up to scrutiny. 

Many gaps in the core of our everyday practices, inconsistencies and errors in math and science, flaws in our moral and ethical understanding, and inequalities in executing our laws and economic management are coming undone. Institutions like democracy, monarchy, venture capitalism etc. are fading, and another power is silently readying to take over.

Over the next few weeks, harsh transits augur a period of unprecedented unease and unrest. The irritability and tension we have each been feeling within since mid-March is now about to turn outward. Mercury, now about to retrograde at 08°55′ Libra, is holding a sustained opposition to Jupiter. It is an augury of what is to come in two weeks, at the New Moon, as the world explodes into moral righteousness, trying to “set one another straight”. 

Under the light of this Pisces Full Moon, we see where we have become disillusioned and let down. It becomes evident how deeply we have sunk, retreated into our fantasies or drifted aimlessly, paralysed by the confusion we created. Perhaps this withdrawal from reality was a coping mechanism to deal with the absurdity or complexity of our times. In that case, this will be time to face up to some heavy truths. Decisions about what we must do and practical actions are in order.  

If we have become stuck, attempting to resolve one specific issue, yet lost all perspective of the bigger picture, we must find a way to synthesise the entire situation and its resolution without meandering from one irrelevancy to another.

Focusing on the specifics rather than matters of principal concern has gradually moved us away from our soul centre. Worrying or fussing about individual details, like how to make daily ends meet, has unconsciously made us emotionally vulnerable, insecure and incapable of coping with our spiritual commitments. Whether you have become involved with abstractions, distractions, or convoluted versions of what may be happening around you in an attempt to fix, alleviate, or blame others for all your problems somehow affects your psyche.

The Virgo Sun brings all this under scrutiny, and the emotional sensitivity of the Pisces Moon becomes exposed. A retiring, bleak attitude to life’s responsibilities eats away our physical health and mental well-being. If you are experiencing psychosomatic disorders; are mired by some kind of spiritual paralysis; prone to take drugs, tobacco, alcohol, porn, Netflix or some other escapist mechanism; looking to prescriptions, medical procedures and other paraphernalia to ‘heal’ what is essentially a spiritual disease, then it’s time to come to terms with those debilitating habits.

Similarly, if your relationships are becoming increasingly disillusioned and bitter, or you have become critical of those you thought you trusted, then it’s time to quit drowning in a sea of pitiful feelings and work to restore some clarity to that confusion and feelings of being cheated, mistreated and undermined.

It all starts with you drawing the line. Instead of blindly trusting others or the exterior universe to ‘fix itself’, we must individually assess each issue of concern realistically, choosing relationships and activities that are uplifting and enabling us to reach the Pisces heights of inspiration and transcendence.

Opposite, the Virgo Sun helps us determine which specific wave current will carry us to which shore so that we surrender only to the flow that streams in accordance with our unique inner vision. We must learn to surf that wave in a way that has practical application and enables us to manifest our highest ideals.

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News of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II raises many pertinent questions about service, servitude, sacrifice and humility. It also inflames ongoing debate about the practical purpose of antiquated institutions. Regardless of our feelings about the monarchy, elitism, imperialistic conquest and all the pomp and ceremony of royalty, let us maintain our humanity during this time of mourning. A human being has died, and we must observe the impact this has on the many genuinely grieving this loss.

As you are aware, the significance of this portentous event coincides with what I have been heralding for many months in these newsletters and our weekly cosmic bus series. Events around the Equinox (SEP 26) precipitate a most significant turning point in history. Many seriously divisive issues on this planet are coming to a head now, and we must maintain our composure; show some human kindness, humility and maturity.

In some sense, millions worldwide are mourning the loss of their monarch, who, like a beloved pope, president, or famous avatar, represents a figure of stability to a collective ideal higher than themselves. 

As cynical as we may be, this is not the time to mouth off in bitter righteousness (observe my last few posts, referring to a stationing MERCURY opposing JUPITER). It is a time to politely hold our tongues, show respect, contemplate the moral significance of what is happening, and slowly formulate some notion of where we must go from here.

This is an epic period, in which many institutions in the old, 3D paradigm are literally crumbling before our eyes. Evidence is laid before us every day. With much love and respect, let’s spend a moment with those whose attachment to the old world still strikes them with sadness, fear, panic and confusion, at least show them some kindness as brothers and sisters going through sorrow.

I understand those ‘awakened’ ones who are angry, disgusted, and resentful of those who refuse to let go of the dead wood and move on. Let’s sit with those bitter emotions, try to access their true source. The death of a Monarch at this astrologically tense moment in history adds more fuel to the SATURN/URANUS; PLUTO/ERIS divide – the traditional vs the unorthodox, the powerful heirs vs the trampled and ignored underclasses.

Elizabeth II symbolised many things, but above all, she was a stalwart of a patriarchal, hierarchical tradition which, in many respects, seems outdated, elitist and cruel in the emergence of the Aquarian age. She was instrumentally most successful at maintaining this order for many decades, against many trends to relinquish the crown and all it symbolises. And yet, however staunch her standpoint, her undying duty to tradition, she too was humbled, like all of us, by our inherent human frailties.

Whether our argument is between Monarchy or Self-Governance, Democracy or Dictatorship; Judeo/Christianity or Islam; Capitalism or Socialism; Climate Change vs Denial; Pro Life vs Pro Choice; Forced Vaccination or Medical Autonomy; Fiat vs Digital Currency; Free Speech vs Censorship; etc., the 3D world is now thrust into a frenzied cacophony of extreme opinions which directs us only into mass hysteria and hatred.

What’s evident here is that we’ve all been taken along on a magical ride throughout history, each of us dragged along a single-ended 3D train track, from birth to death, powered by gaslight. It is a forced passage from which one could not disembark from the zombie stupor without suffering scorn, ridicule, shame, persecution and trauma. Also, any historic efforts to form a mass resistance to the “Status Quo” has often meant an outbreak of all-out mass psychosis, war, disease and famine.

We are in this now.

We are now at the deep end of this.

Let those of us who hold any maturity maintain some degree of perspective now, particularly during this time of grieving. We have lost many precious ‘old’ things over the past couple of years, and many more will wither and perish as we shift rapidly into a new earth.

This is a time of immense reckoning and deep sorrow for all that has run its course. We must remember to sit, observe, listen, and ponder the source of our ill feelings. The bigger question will always be: “How will you choose to act in service to the greater cause”.

Hence, this Full Moon grounds us by showing us how to translate our compassion and spirituality into service. Unless we apply ourselves with diligence and dedication to even the most menial tasks – duties that benefit both ourselves and others, we are not working to serve the divine order. We must stop squandering energy on selfish, divisive pursuits. The universe is here to push us along now. There is nothing useless under the Sun. Everything rises daily to serve the greater process actively or else falls away, making way for the new.

This lunation ensures that we choose the right people to serve. Our humble assistance is appreciated, not wasted and does not weaken or undermine our cause but reinforces and empowers all parties, opening our hearts even more fully to explore the divine energies within and in the cosmic field.

As usual, I have prepared a complete series of empowering horoscope messages for each of the 12 signs. Those who value and appreciate my work and wish to engage deeper can log into these helpful readings for this period. Thanks to my tribe for their support, and I welcome you as a new member (sign up here). Much love x

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