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REmember, if you’re all caught up with your 3D world; ie. the limitations and conditions of your physical space & time; ie. your mind’s attachment to an ageing body, your obsolete wardrobe, your fluctuating finances, your inadequately-sized home, your imperfect kids, your bullshit job, your disappointing partner, your ridiculous excuse for a sex-life, your foolish beliefs, your paltry contributions to society, your perfunctory spirituality, etc., then you probably deserve to remain Saturn’s little bitch.

None of those is you.
How can it be when it’s constantly up for appraisal and criticism by a world whose little mind is similarly enslaved inside the same judgemental prism as yours?

Use the power of that awakening mind to think outside the box.

Come now, you know that none of the above matters when you are connected and begin operating from the 4D template.

Step into the timelessness and formlessness of this zen moment.

In this space, you are pure you, pure intelligence.
REbirth yourself anew in each nœw moment, the birthplace of freedom, originality, ingenuity and life choices. It is your window into the limitlessness of the 5D heavens.

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The Uranian field is charged with fresh ideas, and although SATURN might be trying hard to stomp them out right now, JUPITER is also here to offer you a way out.

You may feel isolated and afraid, but come… you’re just being silly now. Just know you’re not alone; all it takes is your genius to start the most remarkable revolution.

Soon, the Taurus MOON will form her last Quarter, then, highly charged from URANUS’ electric NN power surge, activates MARS, now at the critical degree.

Meanwhile, the LEO SUN forms an odd YOD to the ‘Supernatural’ NEPTUNE/PLUTO sextile, providing an excellent glimpse at worlds unknown, both light & shades.

If you are the sensitive, creative kind, don’t trash yourself with fictions and addictions – meditate, don’t medicate your way through these meagre existential problems and let’s lift consciousness up an octave (or two).

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  1. “In this space, you are pure you, pure intelligence.”

    Yeah, intelligence! If that intelligence we are heading that happens in San Francisco and regularly is happening

    https://sports.yahoo.com/video/flash-mob-vandalizes-loots-7-224600835.html than humans are F*cking doomed.

    So lets stop justifying idiots. BLM, ey? Ridiculous