“Who Actually Even Cares?” – SUPERMOON #3 – FULL MOON at 21°21′ CAPRICORN, Wednesday 13 July, 18:38 UTC

As you can see, it’s all happening out there! But does anyone care enough to make any sense of it, let alone step up to do something about it?

[image: Andrew Wyeth]

The Capricorn Full Moon is the third and closest SuperMoon of 2022, which means its emotional effects are stronger, and more personally impactful. Also, a near conjunction with Pluto places extreme psychoactive pressure on our emotions, pushing us beyond breaking point, and reacting in ways that can be out of control and regretful.

The Capricorn Moon wrenches out all the issues where we place inordin­ate pressure upon ourselves to pander to other people’s needs, denying our own to the point where we wonder whether anyone cares for us at all. Against the needy Cancer Sun, emotional conflicts can occur when others do not give us the space to fulfil our most essential personal requirements. When our basic needs aren’t met, we can go a little mad.

If you feel like you’re being imposed upon, that you must defer your own interests to carry the weight for someone else, then this may be the time to try to restore balance. As is often the case under Supermoons, issues become magnified to the point where they are glaringly in your face, and something must be done. When we cannot reconcile our situation, the alternative is to tear ourselves apart from it.

Hours after this event, the Moon aligns to the Pluto/Eris square (transform or perish), and in the coming week, the Sun will also activate this very tense square. Indications are that things could get intensely dark, with widespread hysterics and scenes of mass psychosis running amok.

From now until the September Equinox, our 3D-structured world seems set to undergo a series of biblical-scale disturbances and systemic shake-ups which alarmingly jolt us out of our comfort zone on every level of existence. 

Are you feeling a bit tense, easily irritated and unusually prone to react? Do you feel a little used and abused, marginalised and left out?

In many cases, the drama has run its course, people can see right through the outright manipulation, exploitation and maltreatment and are at the end of their rope. It’s no wonder so many are ready to blow, and whilst they may not have a solution or even be able to put into words how they are struggling, the next provocation could easily be the push that release a floodgate of hard feelings and disturbances.

These disturbances range beyond domestic or professional tensions. Their energy extends more broadly into the collective field as political unrest, economic instability, pandemic, famine, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, random acts of terrorism, war, and mass migration – do not seem so hard to fathom since we have already been in the throes of many of these disruptive events for at least the past couple of years. As predicted, the turbulence will get much worse before they begin to get better. Millions will be affected, their lives displaced.

At the 4D level of conscious observation, we see how all these torrential upheavals seem cosmically devised to strip down the old illusory veneer of ‘normality’ that many of us have relied upon to keep life in order.

It is also evident that our leaders are not listening to the people, simply taking advantage of their power to the point where scenes of wild public uprisings and insurrections, as seen in Sri Lanka, could become more commonplace, especially as Mars approaches the Uranus/Node conjunction this month (exact on Aug 1).

Sadly, this tension carries into next month, when around the Aquarian Full Moon (Aug 15), Mars/Uranus squaring Saturn, indicates just how much the wild and uncontrolled behaviour seems to be the standard recourse for dealing with any impositions and restrictions about fundamental autonomies and freedoms.

Following this, at the Libra New Moon (Sep 26) a perfect opposition to Jupiter’s interception of Saturn/Uranus implores us to look beyond the epic narratives of civilizational collapse and work towards developing new visions of wellbeing.

This foreboding series of unsettling cosmic waves is testing how mindfully we choose to engage with others, given the propensity for any situation to swing very violently out of control. As Saturn retrogrades into a square with Uranus, we must anticipate that humanity is rapidly progressing into stranger and stranger territory. Every day provides further testament that human consciousness is passing through some weirdly uncomfortable metaphysical wormhole, a most disturbing phenomenon not many of us alive today might have seen. 

Rather than condemn or dismiss dramatic indicators of impending disaster, it’s perhaps more helpful to understand what they’re trying to tell us, why they reverberate so strongly, what their effects will be, and what alternatives are available.

Your FULL MOON horoscopes (see links below) provide an intensive, grounding analysis of how this period impacts your sign. Please read carefully and adjust your expectations and fears.

Have an amazing Full Moon. Be mindful to stay safe and not react. I look forward to seeing you all on the next bus.

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(Cover Art by Alphonse Osbert)

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