[image: Marco Cazzato]

Ok, MARS hurtles into his fiery domicile and after a short disengaging spell with NEPTUNE, things shift up tremendously. Since Mars entering Aries ignites immediate action, catalysing a series of decisive, micro-aggressive moves until matters are fully lit up—watch those tempers—you’ll either be the one to react or be the effing badger, and with the MOON just hours from passing before PLUTO, squaring VENUS, one cannot stress enough how quickly your whole earth can become hell over the slightest littlest attack on your vanity. Won’t take much to suddenly become mortally offended, and when that mindless, fiery little warrior storms up in defense, you can expect all shit is bound to erupt, incinerating everything beyond all repair…

The SUN in Taurus is here to teach us patience, although, with JUPITER/URANUS also here, it’s more about extolling a hugely defiant stubbornness, sticking to one’s guns, holding ground like it’s ‘sacred’, refusing to budge or learn a thing about love, tolerance, acceptance or any of those other ‘peace-making’ virtues.

TIP: Don’t be so ignorant as to not understand that when you cut, others bleed.

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