‘Tender Moments’: The NEW MOON at 07°23′ CANCER – Wednesday, Jun 29, 02:54 UTC

As you may have noticed from the dark of recent nights, a New Moon is forming, just seven days after the Cancer Solstice. Cancer generates a wealth of intimate feelings, distinctly private sentiments in each and every heart and mind, a call to each of us to connect to our home, family, and ancestral roots as the Sun and Moon now align to set us off on a homecoming journey.

[art: Nicoletta Tomas Caravia]

You may sense an abundance of emotions, both internally and in the world around you, calling you to establish a heartfelt connection to people, places and issues that feel special and distinctly personal for you. Yet, Cancer’s raw, unrestrained moods and highly subjective sensitivities can tend to generate great inner turmoil because the volatility of this Moon-ruled water sign is perhaps most difficult to handle in situations that require some degree of objectivity and impartiality.

Cancer’s emotional volatility is due to the Moon’s supreme governance over our reactions to the environment. Of all celestial objects, the Moon, closest to Earth, feels most familiar; her oscillations and phases affect the ebb and flow of our tides, whimsical moods and pulses. Under her cardinal domicile, this New Moon bursts forth a surge of initiating energy, blessing us with an urge and ambition to express something genuinely personal into the world. Yet, this driving ambition is challenging to manage due to the internal tensions brought about by changeable moods, intensely biased projections, and fluctuating emotions, creating situations where we feel easily hurt by others – intentionally or not – becoming especially vulnerable and defensive.

The New Moon’s occurrence precisely at the point in her orbit when she’s farthest from Earth (apogee/Lilith) activates the most notably darkest aspects of the Cancerian nature. We may feel exceptionally touchy and needy, likely to sulk, brood and worry about everything if we don’t feel held, understood or supported, often without much provocation.

Here, an exact square from an assertively judicious Jupiter in Aries delivers any excuse to shriek over any perceived moral insult, particularly if it offends the mortal core of everything by which we stand. We may recoil or withdraw, defying any attempt to be drawn into reason and logical argument. We may instead tend towards satisfying immediate desires for personal safety, i.e., banding with our clan or withdrawing into our private crabhole. This measure could have the regretful effect of diminishing purpose and the motivation to partake in broader discussions towards peaceful, harmonious resolutions, especially among family and respective communities.

This Black Moon/Jupiter square is also intersected by the Moon’s Nodal Axis, whose evolutionary North end now gradually aligns with Uranus in Taurus. Issues of discomfort now clearly foreshadow many of the socio-economic disruptions we apparently need to have.

In one sense, our entire value system has become stretched by the hype and overinflation of concepts, ideologies and speculative ventures. In another, we are overly sensitive, even defensive, about the rising consequences of this to others. Under Taurus, these ultimately affect our inflated sense of personal worth and the increasing living costs. A semisextile from Venus in Gemini points to overindulgences in spending, and we may need to withdraw further into a space where we can evaluate what it’s all worth.

More realistic attitudes, both with those closest to us and in dealing with the world in general, are necessary, for where we tend to project overly optimistic emotions into our affairs, our genuine over-speculation, excessively liberal assertions, over-generosity and rhetorical philosophies could leave us financially bankrupt, perhaps through extravagance, lending to the wrong people, or just a lack of financial acumen.

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This lunation also cautions not to overestimate business prospects. Although we may stand to benefit from receiving expert financial advice, we must exercise critical discrimination to avoid choosing the wrong type of adviser. Trust your instincts, but get a second, even third opinion on important matters. Observe how quickly you can swing from complete enthusiasm and temporary commitment to slipping into apathetic disinterest in others. Your bank balance could quickly reflect this phenomenon. These rapid swings and flying roundabouts are the Cancerian lunar effect against the impulsive wisdoms and dimestore sophistries of Jupiter in Aries.

Deciding on a suitable direction that offers potential for greater meaning and purpose under such whimsically fluctuating times demands enormous self-determination and concentrated application. A sesquisquare from Saturn may lend a little healthy scepticism, which is constructive, especially when dealing with experimental situations. However, these are highly temperamental times, and any tendency to abandon tasks after a superficial stab at completing them will require those deficiencies to be subsidised later.

Perhaps the greatest danger here comes from an inset square between Mars and Pluto, applying to partile on Saturday (Jul 2). This perilous aspect follows the recent Mars/Eris alignment, triggering the recessive and largely unconscious part of our psyche that prompts envy, spite and the fear of missing out (FOMO). Against Pluto, we see a dreadful Mars’ frantic uptake of impulse, desire and spirit of recklessness, producing instances where we may blindly charge without limits, especially under the threat of loss or the ‘promise’ of an undeserved reward. We spoke extensively about Pluto, Eris and Mars and their ramifications in our last episode of ‘cosmic bus’.

Yes, we are extremely touchy, tetchy and ready to reel. This is where we are after many moons eroding our tough, crusted outer layers, excoriating centuries of conditioned insensitivity like the stripping of barnacles of an old fishing boat. The more sensitive we become, the more likely we are going to react.

Ignoring any adverse consequences of our actions – however justified or unhinged our cause – believing that emotionally fuelled rage and fury will champion our desires is a recipe for seeding significant ongoing trauma and pain. Fortunately, Saturn is there, in sextile, to pull Mars into line from efforts to dominate and control, but we shall see how effectively this plays out in the coming days.

Yes, we can be highly emotional and crabby with others under this Cancer lunation; the reasons for this can be broad and varied and are worthy of some tender care. Still, we are prone to react in extremely infantile ways when we get our proverbial “knickers in a knot”, often over little things (or nothing at all), which can become all too inflated, out of proportion and beyond control.

This advice may be a stretch during times when we are likely to take things so personally, but let us focus on the bigger issues whilst respectfully holding the little, individual ones sacred and close to our heart.

[art: Hippolyte Daeye]

We can try to be kinder, more supportive, patient, and compassionate, but under this New Moon, we must intend to create more tenderness – be tender-hearted and connect with those willing to show tenderness.

For what it’s worth, it may be wise to “play it cool” out there, but then, events around this time seem so perversely complex and contrived. It is as if they’re conspiring to set the stage for some pretty gnarly developments in the coming weeks, months and even years, and they will try anything to push us to the brink of losing our cool and doing something regretful. As the Capricorn Full Moon will show us in a couple of weeks, the cold, harsh realities of life care little about our feelings, so be prepped and ready to work with others around you, even if it hurts a little…

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