At what point does it all get too much?

We are not made of stone. We are sensitive beings, each with a breaking point, a limitation to our tensile strength. Apply enough force and eventually, we will shatter.

If PLUTO is dark, ERIS is exponentially darker:

Lots of sordid uncoverings happening in the dark of this BLACK MOON.

Trigger-happy MARS prepares to run havoc in his last week through ARIES.

MARS' conjunction with his scorned and outcast sister pits the snarly, snubbed-off siblings against PLUTO himself. It is a fight that, over the next week or so gets nastier and nastier because it dredges up some deeply-seeded gunk that traces back all the way to the dark ages.

Believe it, but don't bite into it, because watch what happens to those who cannot help themselves...

What happens after we reach breaking point is a highly volatile state of affairs, and the subject of our discussion on the cosmic bus.

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How to stay sane in the 3D plane:
Horoscopes & Intentions for the Cancer New Moon

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