“ICEBREAKER” – The New Moon at 12°20′ Aquarius, Tuesday, Feb 01, 05:47 UTC

It is New Moon time. The confluence of Solar/Lunar energies conveys to us all a particularly focused essence of being, an experience typical of the constellation under which this monthly reset occurs.

At this time of year, the current Solar cycle is nearly complete. The Aquarian lunation heralds the penultimate phase of the Sun’s journey through the zodiac. Here, the icy breezes of this fixed air sign cut through our Sol like a cold wintry blast. Where the glacier meets the Aquarian sky, the land ceases to be earthly, becoming one with the heavens. Emotions chill and life, all the way down to the bacterium, becomes dormant. Here, no sorrow can reside; hence no joy is necessary. Hope alone presides, beyond all demands.

Thus we all ‘hope’ that by the March Equinox the worst of the winter will be over, that the snow would melt, and rivers will start to run, and the world would wake into itself again. It is the time of year when we look forward to things finally thawing down so we can project our visions and dreams into a warmer, more convivial tomorrow.

Not this year…

With Saturn still in Aquarius, we could well reason that the stiff arctic chills we’ve been experiencing for the past year or so will just hang in there, like an invalid refusing to die. The crotchety old inquisitor hovers over this lunation like a cryogenic spell, imposing his crippling vice grip over everything, ensuring the ice stays hard and the world remains unfriendly and cold.

And yet we hope…

All the positive sides of Aquarius: the inquisitive, truth-seeking intellectual; the radically innovative, edgy scientific genius; the sociable, people-oriented humanitarian; the kind and open-minded idealist who is tolerant, equitable and fair to one and all; the future-thinking progressive who is concerned with reforms and pledged politically to front a noble cause; etc., are somewhat dampened, limited, frustrated even totally denied by Saturn’s presidency over this lunation.

And it does not help one bit that Aquarius’ modern ruler, Uranus, is square to the traditional ruler, Saturn. So instead, we get a sense of the more negative traits of Aquarius: the nerdishly rational egghead who seems socially distant and impersonal, awkward and aloof; cognitively detached and dissonant to the point of being disengaged; extremely steeped in sci-fi utopian/dystopian sociopolitical views; pseudo-liberal and woke-minded, intolerant of intolerance; stubbornly contrary and dismissive, recalcitrant and censoriously cancelling of everything and everyone that refuses to grasp their wildly erratic, eccentric and shockingly ‘progressive’ concepts. 

For instance, the rise of ‘Wokeism’, whatever its core principles, is now hedging to become the West’s next pseudo-religious ethos. Will it succeed? It seems unlikely, given its core principles tend to fundamentally divide people rather than bind them together to a collective purpose.

Hence, rather than rallying together for common humanitarian ideals that will lead us all to become more active in our communities and preferred causes, we may contract the cold chills of separatism; a frustrated, peevish futility and despair about tomorrow. Rather than expecting the end of this winter, this lunation could seem more like the heralding of a ‘mini-ice-age’ (metaphorically speaking, of course… although the language of astrology is often more literal than we wish, at times eerily predictive).

Now, Saturn is long considered to have a maleficent impact on our lives. His grip over this lunation does reinforce that, sometimes, life’s lessons can seem impersonally heartless and unfriendly. In conjunction with the Moon and Sun, Saturn in a fixed sign is not much fun. However you take them, strict measures, rules and stringent limitations are necessary evils to keep the game of physical, 3D reality in check. Firm structures and foundations are vital to providing some predictability in our lives; otherwise, there’s only chaos and disorder, right? 

Problems arise when Uranus challenges Saturn, disrupting Saturn’s linear outline of how things ‘should’ and ‘ought’ to be. We discussed some of the complications to the dilemma we are facing in more detail during our last bus episode, referencing various specific examples currently happening in our world. Uranus, very much like Aquarius, irreverently excites the awakened mind, inciting all kinds of sudden upheavals to Saturn’s efforts to establish rigid belief systems, restrict growth, and basically limit us from exploring other possibilities. However uncomfortable and irritating, these disruptions serve to liberate us, revolutionising the way we see the world and ushering out the old so that the new can come through. Struggles are inevitable, and there is every indication (sorry to be a bummer here) that these ‘glitches in the matrix’ will continue to test us, at least for the ‘time being’.

However, in this relentlessly cold and interminably icy “winter of our discontent”, Uranus in Taurus strikes this Saturn-encrusted Aquarian lunation like an icepick to the forehead, trying to hack its way to clearing humanity’s third eye. While it’s questionable to the status quo whether the icebreaking efforts seem necessary, coming off as hapless and precarious, they are nonetheless steady and relentless. 

In one sense, we must aim to achieve delicate poise and balance when integrating Saturn’s influences. Even though the old guard pushes us earnestly to understand and work with prevailing structures and limitations, his constricting, ‘fear-based’ method can also cause us to settle for too little or deny our innovative endeavours because we are afraid to venture out to what is really possible. 

We shall see that Uranus’ agitating influence is pervasive, not only in his current square but in his rulership over Aquarius. One way or another, the disintegration of old analogue-style paradigms, endemic within most of our institutions and large structures is happening. The digitisation of our world seems like a necessary step in establishing a new order, one that will allow the quantum computing models of tomorrow to function more comprehensibly.

Traditional establishments we have long taken for granted regarding healthcare, medicine, science, religion, politics, education, and social programs are crumbling around us. At the fractal ends, new formations are seething, bristling with vitality and gathering momentum. Despite all the perceived suppression and restriction, all kinds of nervous agitation is building, ready to unfurl and push humanity’s progress forward, all just a necessary part of the Uranian/Aquarian influence.

How is this lunation affecting your sign? Make sure you read both your Sun (soul-journey) and Rising Sign (relationships) to get the complete picture for this lunation, as well as guidance on setting this most important New Moon Intention.

Many blessings, and may you have an amazing New Moon xx

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(Cover Art by Peter Mohrbacher)

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