‘Stepping Up to Play Our Most Important Part’ – The NEW MOON at 12°20′ CAPRICORN, Sunday, January 2, 18:35 UTC

January, and a new calendar year! (although the ‘year’ for us stargazers commences at the Aries Equinox on March 20). Past the December 21 Solstice, we modern folks find ourselves at the complex last quarter phase of the Sun’s annual transit.

From this point, the more socially engaged matters of our lives become seriously real for everyone, and we either stand tall to rise to the occasion or miserably fall away (Capricorn); our collective mindset seeks to affiliate with ilk-like souls or becomes dissociated (Aquarius); and we eventually seek to merge into the ‘spirit of oneness’ or become completely lost, dissolved into the ethers (Pisces).

During the Sun’s transit through Capricorn, our conscious attention turns to our ambitious concerns in society and our relative place in it. The Sun blesses us with illuminated awareness, and under the enterprising and hard-working stars of Capricorn, this inspires the most serious, reserved and earnest parts of our psyche. Often, we encounter people and situations that will either inspire or challenge us to act in realistic, practical, and cautious ways. Economic prudence, persistence and perseverance, and a keen sense of timing are necessary to deal with our social responsibilities this month.

Of course, those who feel uncomfortable with playing a responsible, reliable, upstanding and law-abiding role might experience a sense of melancholia, negativity, hopelessness, gloom, even a fatalistic bummer approach to life. They can become cynical, mean-spirited and cruel towards others. Or they may become ruthless and unfeeling in their drive to ascend to great heights, often at the expense of the happiness and the well-being of others. This attitude elicits quite a reaction – judgement, fear and resentment are common when our Capricorn side seeks to be the benevolent fatherly kind and becomes an insufferable tyrant.

In any case, the Capricorn influence merely provides cosmic arm-twisting to get us up and tend to our civil/paternal responsibilities. Failure to do so invokes the wrath of having to suffer the necessary consequences of the goat’s patriarchal stick-and-sway, with which Capricorn is the physical laws and limitations, being ruled by Saturn. Stars/planets under the Capricorn constellation learn to master both hard-won fatherly love and, at times, the dreaded, but much called-for smarting stick of discipline across the backside.

Severe punishment is often meted out during these times to those who fail to step up and do their best, even if that means wresting the reigns of control from those who have lost all perspective, either by climbing to excessively dizzying heights or falling to incredibly miserable lows.

With Sunday’s New Moon at 12°20′, it is time to review, upgrade and set firm intentions on being a more diligent, hard-working, driven, achieving individual in today’s society. It is also a time to examine our status-seeking, power-hungry, manipulative, calculating, authoritarian, domi­neering, exploitative, patronising tendencies. These more destructive qualities will be held under severe scrutiny as the Sun approaches Pluto around the Cancer Full Moon (January 17). As we may see, the cosmic forces are severely heavy and darkly ominous. There seem to be so many individuals resonating at Capricorn’s more merciless, cold, authoritarian complexes. We have come out of 2021 with many divisive judgements and cynicism since Pluto was conjunct to Saturn (Jan 2020) casting a tyrannical dark triad of narcissistic, psychosis and machiavellian shadow upon society.

Uncomfortable as this seems, it is a necessary process. Pluto acts like a cosmic garbage collection service. His job is to clear away the trash, so we don’t get too sick under the stench of decomposing rot. When Pluto is in Capricorn, however, the garbage man is also your dear old dad-type. At the start of 2022, it would seem the job is getting to the old man because all kinds of things are going a little crazy and a bit morbid in the patriarchy.

Things are definitely up for a change in the way we do business around town.

The profoundly transformative Pluto in Capricorn (2008-2024) is not the only extraterrestrial force adding context to this transit. Uranus forms an assisting earth-trine aspect to this lunation from the earthy Taurus. Here we see the application of many innovative upgrades (biotechnical, info-technical, digi-economical, eco-environmental, etc) to expedite our transition into a new, more adeptly administrative execution of our social duties for the year ahead. 

As usual with Uranus, visionary changes come rapidly, often without warning or consent, and, if resisted, create upsets and disruptions. The Capricorn lunation will help to fortify our position if we choose to work intuitively with all the latest insights, tools and phenomena shuttling through from Uranus’ breakthrough 4th-dimensional realms. Also, it will be a time when those who rule with interminable and overly-ambitious intent either achieve their agenda or must take these disruptive elements into account to ‘succeed’.

A square from Chiron, now direct in Aries, raises sensitivity to our infantile patriarchal wounds. This aspect may trigger memories of past hurts or not feeling loved enough or cared for by those in authority. We must remember that everyone in our story has their own, selfish wounds to tend to. We are all somewhat struggling with being responsibly dutiful for others while also trying to answer our inner calling to achieve something of merit in this world. Any sore feelings come from difficult sacrifices, and understanding these motives also creates opportunities for greater understanding and healing. Hence, this lunation provides opportunities to build or mend broken pathways rather than burning our bridges.

A semisextile to ruler Saturn indicates further opportunities for those with high aspirations, so long as there is a humanitarian component in our intention. Ambitions need to include sympathy for broader, more charitable ventures, and those who abide by their social conscience will look over a situation carefully and then make decisions accordingly.

In the next few weeks, many critical shifts are occurring, as indicated by other significant transits, discussed further with you during the last two episodes of cosmic bus. 

It is essential to understand, that humanity is now on a tightrope to experiencing itself through a much higher-resolution lens of critical awareness. Like our exterior world, many of our internal mechanisms are shifting to acclimatise via an unprecedented degree of understanding, one that transcends the constraints, limitations and divisions of the old, highly conditional world. However tremendous or imposing, no individual or group can control the evolutionary auspices of the universe effectively blessing us with a way to know itself. We are empirically stardust, from which the ‘star stuff’ inside us all is encoded with universal consciousness. Here, it is not the most powerful or the most intelligent who will prevail but only those who can manage through the evolutionary changes being activated in every molecule of consciousness within every being.

The Sun/Moon in Capricorn is a conscious alignment with the unconscious, instinctive nature, blessing the soul to embody and manifest our dutiful part in the greater cause. Each of us must walk our destined path. It is not a ready-made path, but one which we determine by continuing to struggle forward in our walking. We must walk it ourselves. Though others have come before us, they have merely given us the gist of what it takes to succeed and be respected according to one’s own terms and responsibilities. We can not follow them. We can only learn about honour and respect from their shining example as well as their flaws and disappointments. Generation after generation, dynasty after dynasty, we are here to find our highest purpose by walking our own path and somehow making our distinct contribution to the greater intent.

As for evolution, Charles Darwin puts it nicely here:

“Thus, from the war of nature, from famine and death, the most exalted object which we are capable of conceiving, namely, the production of the higher animals, directly follows. There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.”

Ultimately, the cosmos decides what is best for all sentient and elemental life on this planet, favouring only the evolutionary objective of the universe’s intent. Like ants fighting against their dominion, those who rail against the greater forces of nature stand only to suffer the consequences of their mistaken sense of who they are and of their special place under the Sun and stars.

For this all-important lunation, I have included an empowering horoscope message and intention to each sign for this lunation [see below]. Please read both Sun (Soul) and Rising (Personality) carefully, formulating a clear idea on how to set your Capricorn intention for the year ahead.

Blessings, and may you have a prosperous and joyful New Moon xx

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(Cover Art by Tomasz Setowski)

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