TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE AT 12°22′ SAGITTARIUS: “Are You Ready To Be Blindsided?”

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On Saturday, December 4, the world will experience its second total solar eclipse in Sagittarius in less than 12 months. A total eclipse of the Sun happens when the Moon blocks 100% of the Sun’s light, projecting an ominous shadow upon the earth. At 07:33, Universal Time, the day will turn to darkness for 1 minute 54 seconds. But unless you are a penguin in Antarctica, you will not witness this phenomenon, one of nature’s most extraordinary experiences.

However, whilst you might miss the spectacle visually, your life will most likely feel its subtle psychoemotional effects. Astrologically, eclipses are known to play a powerful impact on our lives and the specific areas indicated in the birth chart. We experience the eclipse’s influence for months preceding the event, and the crises they activate in our lives can dramatically alter the course of our affairs for many months, even years after.

Each Eclipse has its own flavour but is part of a set of pairs in opposing signs over an 18-month period, determined by the Moon’s Nodal Axis to the ecliptic. Eclipses are also part of a greater series (Saros cycle), which repeat every 19 years. [see more about eclipses in this article: Eclipses: Notes on the Basics]

Now, given that this is a South Node Eclipse, this acts like a cosmic power-outage, challenging us by weakening or debilitating affected areas. Occurring under Sagittarius, it diminishes our capacity to distinguish truth from dogma and gradually exhausts our ability to successfully assert, argue and uphold our philosophical, moral or religious views. It is generally felt as a depressive period, filled with unfortunate incidents. Losing control, relapsing into addiction, unconsciousness, power­lessness: inexplicable sorrow, sullen withdrawal, fear and paranoia, hopelessness, negativity, and loss are common side effects to crises experienced as a result of matters that plague us during a South Node Solar blackout.

Interruption to the travel indus­try, flights, global postal systems, schools and educational institutions, foreign relations, and religious practices, distrust of legislations, lawmakers, political pundits, media broadcasters, and any industry associated with polling, speculation, expansionism and big developments, as well as sporting and cultural festivals, immigration and foreign travel all take a hit. In short, it sums up the current shitshow to which we are all somewhat party.

This kind of melee is what happens when the Moon cuts off our Solar power for just a couple of minutes every six months. As mentioned earlier, this is the second SN eclipse in Sagittarius, the last one being on December 14, 2020. This particular eclipse falls close to messenger Mercury, forming assisting aspects to Saturn (sextile) and Chiron (trine) but a particularly noxious aspect (quincunx) to Uranus and tense ones to the Venus/Pluto conjunction (semisquare). One may easily argue that current events in our lives are merely an extension of those that became aggravated a year ago, merely an upgraded instalment – much like the ubiquitous booster shot currently making the rounds. Fortunately, this will be the final eclipse in the Sagittarius/Gemini series, which began with the Lunar Eclipse (again in mutable Sadge) on June 5 2020. Eclipse developments next year will fall along the fixed Taurus/Scorpio nodal axis.

Astro-maths aside, I have shared many interesting observations on how these eclipses have specifically impacted our sociopolitical experience over the past 18 months. If you’re a follower of our weekly Cosmic Bus episodes, it’s been no secret that these significant lunation crises are here to test our faith, not just in our ‘gods’, ‘gurus’ and ‘religious ideologies’ but in the sacred trust in one another. By this point in the series, we feel nothing but the strongest aversion to anyone whose beliefs and narratives do not align with our own.

Meanwhile, we become prone to feeling an enormous affront when others do not take what we devoutly believe too seriously at all. Scepticism and distrust are spreading at epidemic proportions. We have departed so abstrusely from the rationality and clear thinking necessary to facilitate not just our day-to-day matters but our entire evolutionary purpose. 

Even our science, the one dependable provision to our fact-based academic means of critical reasoning, seems to have become enlisted in the Sagittarian mission to pontificate mandates and narratives. Our bigger story is akin to some quasi dystopian plan to convert every human on this planet into a strange cult-like movement whose ‘charismatic leader’ still seems curiously unknown to us. Perhaps we may never meet him. Perhaps it’s not a ‘him’ at all, or even a ‘her’. It may just be intelligence without form or centralized location.

Those who are at least partly aware of the absurdity of our situation also see the gross perversions to our truth and justice now being carried out. It is happening at every level. We are soon about to understand that we, humanity, are in the throes of being universally governed and groomed by a deep and sinister state of authoritarian control. 

Our species is currently in the grips of a psychotic mind-virus – the most sinister epidemic disease known to humanity. Originating deep within those who suffer ancestral soul-sickness, it can potentially either wipe us all out or wake us all up. It all depends on whether we can see what it reveals to us or continue to sink into the mire of illusion.

Essentially, for our mind to comprehend any concept, it has to align with a structured neural edifice called a ‘frame’ that makes it possible for our intelligence to contextualize, make proper sense of, and mentally ‘discern’ the thing in front of us. When ‘truth’ is repeatedly distorted, our frame of mind becomes twisted, consequently altering our understanding of the world. Our perception affects our consciousness, which is indeed what defines our character. When it becomes so frequently distorted by those human and nonhuman entities now possessed by a dark, cannibalistic life force for insidious purposes or profit, who offer nothing back in return, we find ourselves in a reality bereft of any purpose or meaning. 

Eclipses produce powerful awakenings, brought about by sudden, unexpected incidents or encounters that jolt our lives into a new direction. They are often not what we expected, yet we realize that we should have expected as much and nothing less when we look back. Like the Moon’s pass before the Sun, we suffer a momentary blackout, followed by an intensely bright epiphany to the very thing that has the potential to blindside our fate. As such, it becomes incumbent upon us to stop everything, unplug and deal with the most glaringly obvious matter at hand.

So let’s do that!

If you don’t already know what ‘that‘ might be, or more curiously, refuse to address it because it interferes with your selfish plans, then I might suggest it’s vital you look deeper. It may sound like an imposition, but it’s good for your soul. Besides, you may not have much choice. The cosmos knows your pressure points…

In these latest eclipse messages, I have carefully delineated for each of the signs how this alignment affects your sign and what to avoid/leave behind. Please be sure to read both your Sun sign (ego/soul-development) and Rising sign (personal affairs) to get a complete picture of what have been the central themes requiring attention in your life since May 2020. 

Many blessings, and have a profoundly enlightening eclipse experience xx

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