“Justifying Our Conviction” – The Astrology of the Full Moon at 27°29′ Gemini, 04:36 UTC Sunday, Dec 19

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We are living in times of startling revelation. We are now, under the current lunation, afforded an opportunity to see our inner world reflected through the eyes and ears of others. Here, the Gemini Full Moon generates some degree of self-effacement, perhaps conflict against the Sagittarian Sun as the two luminaries try to show us how to blend our need to satisfy the values of intellectual curiosity with the desire to form a cogent sense of morality.

Under any Full Moon, our relationships are often conflicted, highlighting problems that generally manifest into crises. In this event, issues emerge due to the scattering of our mental energies. We may be engaging in too many ac­tivities, inundated with too many disparate ideas that cannot be synthesised or trying to relate to too many people. When we attempt to do too much, restlessly darting from one interest to another, we are often given into perfunctory action or become superficially occupied.

It is a time to examine where we have become too carried away with theories or meaningless bits of data, at­tempting to gain some meaning over our current reality using logic. When we try to substitute opinions for real-life experience or hypothesise endlessly about everyday problems without actu­ally getting out and living our lives, we are eventually faced with the stark realities.

This lunation forms a loose t-square to Neptune, warning of the dangers of getting too lost in dream worlds of our own creation. This sets us up for disappointment if we have become carried away with illusions and unrealistic expectations or have tried to escape from dealing with reality. This distortion of truths and facts may be understandable, given the constrictive limitations enforced upon us by government mandates due to the world pandemic. A quincunx to Pluto in Capricorn reveals significant stress points that have affected our mental and spiritual well-being due to extremely coercive manipulation, particularly by corporations and patriarchal figures. Under the mass dissemination of digital data, it is no wonder that so many appear to have become hypnotised by wild conspiracy theories, misinformation and conjecture.

Under the same polarity of signs as the transiting Nodal Axis of the Moon, this Gem/Sadge lunation highlights severe crises resulting from having invested too much energy in seeking contentment by fantasi­sing about what might be rather than attempting to look into what (actually) is. This lunation’s affliction to Neptune indicates how our mental disorientation has possibly influenced our physical health, too, resulting in oversensitivity to foods and medicines and psychosomatic illnesses whose cause can neither be diagnosed nor treated using conventional means.

Those who manipulate words, incessantly spruiking narratives, play mind games with people or bombard them with a mass of irrelevant or disconnected information are both victims and perpetrators of this Full Moon crisis. The 27º Sagittarius Sun is in direct alignment to our galactic centre, the celestial source of energetic particles (cosmic information) that shower the Earth. Whilst our Sun acts as a divine transmitter of light and sound, these transmissions are no less filtered and refracted by challenging aspects from Neptune and Pluto.

To purport to be ‘right’ or have all the answers but answer nothing to no one generates a great air of chaos and distrust. Holding back or misstating information impedes the pure light transmission. More significantly, it harms the spirit of discovery into new perspectives and insights, undermining both the credibility of the word (logos) and sanity of the mind (logic). Those who refuse to employ powers of reason­ing, or back up their claims using a sound repertoire of facts to support their bias­es, or who try to convince others that they possess know­ledge or understanding that they do not, are only committing a travesty of truth and justice.

As we might see in the many personal and public exhibits in recent or current events in our world, two circumstances lead to arrogance: one is when people are wrong and cannot admit it; the other when people are right, and nobody can stand it.

Crises under this Full Moon provoke an intuitive warning to all involved of the dire need to focus on our immediate environment. The Gemini Moon seeks to guide us to how we can genuinely apply Sagittarian wis­dom to our regular daily activity. If we must think in global, big-picture concepts, we must find balance by acting locally, applying wisdom into our everyday lives.

It is time to cease losing ourselves down rabbit holes, false narratives, and higher realms that bear no connection or relevance to our everyday circumstances. By exposing our attitudes and beliefs to the rigorous Geminian tests of reality-facing and logical thinking, we can develop a conceptual system or philosophy of life that is meaningful in all respects and helps us progress along our chosen path. We will also hope to get along better with one another, a situation now made at its worst with an opinionated Sagittarian Mars hovering angrily over the Moon’s South Node.

As an accompaniment to our recent cosmic bus discussion on the effects of this transit, these special horoscope messages provide a deep, specific analysis of the key areas impacted by this lunation. Read both your Rising and Sun signs to gain a complete synthesis of what areas currently need work along your individual ego/soul journey and how to achieve your maximum creative potential.

Many blessings, and may you have an amazing Full Moon xx

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