METAMORPHOSIS I: The Closing of the Old and Dawn of the New Human: FULL MOON at 03°28′ CAPRICORN – Thursday, June 24, 18:39 UTC

[image: Sarah Aha]

It is Full Moon again, when the primal energies of the Sun and Moon appear to be pulling in diametrical directions from one another. During the monthly moon dance, lunar moods tend to fluctuate and vary in aspect to solar interests, offering a fully-rounded reflection on how the rest of us might see the chief expression of the Sun’s intensely luminous glow through each sign of the zodiac. At the culminating phase, it appears that the Moon is fully mirroring the Sun, except, she is doing this from a completely contradictory stance.

At the Cancer Solstice, the Sun represents a powerful turning point in our year. Here, his light is directed inwardly, to our innermost private, precious and personal areas. From this point, we are blessed with the meta-awareness to instinctively feel our way through all the intimate areas of our lives, skillfully navigate our way through so we can further serve to strengthen our intention, deepen our connection with the light of lucidity, hone our skill of creativity, transmit our realisations and cultivate more open-hearted connections.

It is time to pull back from the insanity of what is going on out there and focus on what’s closest to our heart. Your feelings will guide you to the things that matter most, and if you’re being pulled towards home and family, self-nurturance and care, sentiments to cultivate a more communal life – one of substance and which is inherently (not apparently) real – then you are, in a sense, following your ‘nesting’ instincts.

In this culminating phase of the lunation, which occurs just three days into the Sun’s Cancer journey, we are barely given a chance to fully explore the inner world before the conflict of incongruity and disengagement starts to occur. The Moon, who rules the sign of Cancer – indicating governance over the Sun, is herself in the sign of her detriment. In Capricorn, her emotions are constricted, repressed. She reflects upon life with a sense of duty and reservation, she is harsh and judgemental, and since her focus is on tending to her social responsibilities, we are left feeling cold, emotionally starved, deprived of any joys and wholly under­nourished on every level.

The conflict here occurs when we feel incapable of helping others or appre­ciating their caring when we ourselves are intensely dissatisfied. We may find that we have become increasingly despondent and self-doubting, withdrawing into our shell, brooding and worrying incessantly, unable either to give or receive love. This is consistent with the greater evolutionary process of the past two years, where the Nodal axis saw the Capricorn South Node in alignment to Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter (2020) Here the forces of change and restructuring have pressed us into a corner, cocooning each of us into a state of metamorphosis. If we have substituted security for emotion­al fulfilment by clinging to our home, family or otherwise devoting ourselves totally to our career, then things may seem, at this point, to be entirely out of balance.

These next lunations highlight the tough part of humanity’s spiritual journey, particularly if we have become overly preoccupied with our role as a parent or custodian (leader, boss, governor), trying unsuccessfully to satisfy our needs through our children or those in our charge when we are met with surmountingly complex circumstances.

We must make ready, for the fight ahead could be dark unless you are groundly rooted in your mother earth. Jupiter, now stationed in early Pisces, will assist by lending wisdom in your journey of self-reflection, through which you can access, within yourself, the faculty of the psyche from which all sovereign, creative activity derives. Attempting to meet all your needs through clinging relationships or compulsive work provides no solution to your existential dilemma. Irritable moods and a growing dissatisfaction cripple us from concentrating and applying ourselves to making the important changes that are necessary in this transition.

Venus’ opposition to Pluto, also in Capricorn, is a foreshadowing of the extraordinary deep impact of the coming New Moon (July 10). Here, the most extreme stresses upon our relationships will force us to confront hidden motives, those driven by past trauma and disempowerment. During this time, we are able to channel powerful feelings which interfere with our duty and responsibility to one another, at all levels. Cancer teaches us that by attending to our deepest emotional needs; learning to care and nourish ourselves, we not only become more fulfilled but also grow stronger and in­creasingly self-sufficient, able to cope with any further re­strictions or deprivations that the demanding Pluto in Capricorn has been imposing in order for us to evolve out of the old patriarchal matrix.

This recent eclipse period has been a critical time of immense awareness of our own mental consciousness, and although our new earth-vehicle/body/self is yet unformed, if we hold up a mirror and reflect back on the insanity now being exhibited by those infected and possessed by the collective madness – this epidemic of mass-psychosis, we run the very real risk of being accused of being the ones who are crazy. Hence, we must recede, stay tightly knitted inside our cocoon, focusing on the transformation going on deep within, at the cellular level.

The Cancer-ruling Full Moon, although debilitated by dignity, acts upon the gravitational pull of the water in our bodies; structuring the inner tides of emotion and instinctive habits in ways that either better serve or otherwise cripple our developments. If we can manage to connect with the light within ourselves, try to responsibly share it with others, we can form entire clusters – bodies of water-cells which are, imperceptibly, the basis of all communities and communal life. The emotional nutriment which Cancer seeks and provides inspires us all to form rich and enduring con­nections with other people. Through facing up to our conflicts with others, dealing with the vulnerabilities and insecur­ities in our personal relationships, we make way for a new level of emotional depth, commitment and satisfaction that can be ex­perienced with another person.

Our deepest connection to our intrinsic nature becomes a connection to nature herself, and in the coming weeks serves as our only true defence against the manufactured madness that is the outer reflection of this perverse state of toxic, collective shadow projection. Whether we are aware of this or not, we at war against divisiveness and judgement, with people who willingly, of their own volition, as if under the hypnotic throes of Stockholm syndrome, invest in and support their own arrest and imprisonment by the greater body politic of the corporatised world-domination agenda.

As the Sun opposes Pluto (July 17) we get to see more openly how emissaries of an authoritarian, militarized, patriarchal class are vying for global power and control, breeding a new fascism, and spreading terror upon humanity. This must not be allowed, under any pretext. Because you are willing to take responsibility for your actions, able to confront childish be­haviours, feelings of abject helplessness, you are able to step up to the plate and eradicate those past habits patterns which are no longer fruitful or nourishing.

It starts with you, nurturing the new growth emerging from deep within your inner forest.

Solstice Blessings, and may you have an amazing Full Moon xx

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  1. I feel this so strongly and am certain I am in the crossroad of it. I have eaten six pomegranate seeds and remain tethered but not bound.
    I will seek out stories and write some of my own while I am topside. Now I am certain the underworld is not my home.

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