Awakening to ‘The Great Reset’ – The Second SATURN(Rx)-URANUS SQUARE

In the shamanic realm, contacts to the Saturn/Uranus point indicate times when the astral body splits from the physical, as in during dreams, transcendental meditation, astral travel, or near-death shocks.

In indigenous tribal initiations, this mind/body schism is commonly connected to ordeals involving ritual slaying, dismemberment, or the complete shedding of the material form prior to a rebirth event. Although the objective of the ritual is a complete unknown, it is a necessity to surrender the old form in order to become inducted into a whole new state.

By the second phase of this current Saturn/Uranus square, it’s evidently clear that man’s presence on this planet as its foremost ‘apex predator’ comes with the declaration that nothing in humanity’s evolutionary stakes can surpass man’s mastery over this planet, including the predatory nature of aggressive, new infectious diseases. No other species has a chance to evolve rapidly enough to compete with man’s striving for longevity. Our quest to intercept the natural laws of disease, decay and even mortality is the essence of our drive towards transhumanism.

Sounds bonkers, right?
Well, perhaps you have a perfectly achievable ‘alternative’ agenda on how you and all your buddies are going to continue living on this planet.

Saturday’s Gemini Sun on the ♄Rx □ ♅ portends a message of recovery from the grips of a global epidemic, socioeconomic and inequality and a raft of other, comparatively minor karmic issues, all leading towards our species’ obligatory rebirth (reset). In the aftermath of the eclipses, where Mercury, Saturn and Pluto are in retrograde, we must not get too excited – as if we’ve turned the corner and things are looking up. There is still a lingering sense of a worldwide catastrophe, like our societies are each currently in some post-apocalyptic zombified state, and many are still going around like a bunch of near-death survivors of a terrible, malicious attack.

We know this isn’t done; lingering doubts and generally low self-esteem make new growth and optimism for renewal seem precarious. People are on edge, or “pins and needles”, about the future. One client of mine stated that she felt as if she was sleeping on a bed of nails, claiming she was in penance for her past sins and misdemeanours, saying, “I made my bed, now I must lie in it.” I felt this was rather representative of the issues I have been hearing from many others during this time. Another client felt it was time for him to exit from his “fortress of solitude”, which to me symbolises the depth of self-pity that now accompanies other stressful side-effects due to long periods of isolation and social alienation.

Yes indeed… the aliens HAVE landed. They walk among us. They are a species of intelligence dissociated from their physical bodies, existing somewhere in the astral plane.

In the collective sense, it may seem as if the soul of humanity itself is being dismembered from this earth. Although sweeping changes are occurring, our reactions to past pain, carried around both in our personal and ancestral memories, could hamper true progress. We are struggling desperately to re-member ourselves. Anxieties about repairing breakdowns in our old neighbourhoods and family networks, trying to improve on weaknesses in our old business models, patching up our tired or vulnerable bodies with medicines, strengthening our defences and domestic supplies, continuing to deny the seriousness of our current problem: We may just be in denial that in our quest for power, wealth and dominance we have brought about this epic crisis in refusing to let go of baggage that is completely useless to our soul.

If we must remember anything, it is that we are intelligent enough to understand that, ultimately, all we take with us is our consciousness.

As the Sun contacts the Saturn/Uranus midpoint on Saturday, observe the level of pressure to let go of your attachment to the physical realm. Fear about this only leads to mental anguish.

Your self-inadequacies and anxieties are not helpful. When projected onto others in your environment these will make you feel supremely unsatisfied with them and (by default) possessed with feelings of disdain and disgust. If you deem others as ineffectual or needing to be sacrificed, you may even come to believe that they should get what they deserve. In this current “survival of the fittest” climate (see Pluto/Eris), you may even resort to some pretty mean, divisive conduct yourself.

Just look at the efforts of our current world leaders: It is wholly uncertain where they are leading us, let alone speaking to one another. Their push towards a “Great Reset” may be the desired objective, but in essence, this proposed ‘New World Order’ has still not been explained to anyone. Nor is there any guarantee that any agenda, however benevolent in its intent, will succeed. There are far too many variables involved for even the most enlightened group of elders to guarantee the success of any plan/vision.

In any scenario, liberation and exciting breakthroughs are on the 2022 horizon. Relief from stress, like the skies clearing after a frightfully heavy storm is on the way. For the time being, we are still caught up in a messy transition. It may not be until the end of the year before we see blue skies, but by the time this Saturn/Uranus aspect is complete, we will surely sense that the worst is all behind us.

As Jupiter and Neptune also slow to retrograde, we sense that there is still some work to be done before we can move forward again. In the meantime, like convalescing from an illness, or recovering from a painful and destructive addiction, relapse is still possible. The metamorphosis is not complete. Whilst we may concede that turning back is no longer possible, letting go of our old ‘caterpillar’ model is still hard for many people to do, regardless of the freedoms promised should one have the courage to step into this present moment, ready to accept their own, uniquely iridescent butterfly wings.

Are you following? We spoke extensively about the recent, current and upcoming astrological developments in our last session of cosmic bus….


  1. Hi Angst
    I read a lot of STUFF online I skip the TV news.
    The info I get from you is what’s keeping me believing all will work out…maybe not for all but for some.
    Thank you for your readings.

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