PLUTO STATIONED to Retrograde at 26°48′ Capricorn

[art: Henri Prestes]

Pluto, lord of breakdown, death and regeneration is currently stationing, turning retrograde on April 27, only hours after the Moon’s reaches her synodic culmination in a spectacular, Hadean-flavoured Scorpio Supermoon.

Pluto will appear to remain stationary at 26°♑48′ for the next two weeks, then travel retrograde to 24°♑19′ until October 6th, 2021, allowing us to retrace the projections of our subconsciously repressed inner-ills, unprocessed remnants of our dark collective past, often inflicted upon the world around us like a shadow of our darker, atavistic traumas.

When we disown elements of ourselves, or our ancestral culture as nasty, evil or too unsightly – refuse to deal with them in the present tense, we often throw shade (aspersions) on other individuals, feeding the lowest form of Pluto’s compulsion to rule over our darkest survival instincts. This is to do with power – or our perceived lack – and our ruthless and compulsive ancestral urge to survive and triumph over others at all costs. Here we are unwittingly feeding or enabling the toxic thing that we are reacting against. Since Pluto moves so slowly, it has the power to intensely affect many among us – enough to accumulate such a critical mass that makes it able to exact extreme changes.

Over the next few months (Apr-Jul) Pluto will also remain in tight semi-square to the transiting Nodes (common destiny of a large mass of people). This period precedes his last quarter square to Eris (Aug-Oct), making this retrograde period particularly phenomenal in the sense that karmic dramas of the past 250 years (Pluto/Eris cycle began in 1756) marking the evolution and the natural selection process of many interspecies cultures and the outright extinction of those who do not survive the adaptation to their environment. This is often a cruel, unfeeling process of nature since it is governed by archetypes that are not visible to the naked eye and affect entire colonies, dynasties and empires rather than merely individuals.

45° graphic ephemeris of transits in longitude

With Pluto in the late degrees of Capricorn, the malignant disease of corruption and decay presents itself through imperial governments, patriarchal religions and the big corporate controllers (and all of us who keep enabling them) with a mania to accumulate more power, capital and prestige. Capricorn’s colonisation of new frontiers, now comes at the expense and well-being of all biological and ecological beings, reaching epidemic proportions over the entire planet and running rampant as total authoritarianism. Despite all the hallmark signs, this is neither evident to many people, nor is it something they can really recognise or confront within themselves because it seems just much too dark and hideous to process internally. Hence, they project it outwardly as hatred, terror, psychosis and narcissism.

Our obsession and greed with money, status, fame and power have developed into an economy which, as JD Forbes correctly puts it, is pure “cannibalism”. We now use these nominal tokens of value they have conjured up, now digitised into invisible contracts of subservient compliance, in exchange for our precious time, life force, and natural resources of the earth.

The toxic system of a corporate-centred economy is basically a legitimised operation of enslavement and tyranny. The malignant patriarchs in control use their military and police enforcement infrastructure to oppress and limit the masses from accumulating and circulating capital outside of their system by creating their own currencies or stock exchanges, closed systems that insidiously exclude those who wish to operate in their own sovereignty.

Every time you enter the economy of tyranny to support a “buy now, pay later” credit scheme, you are unwittingly signing a deal with the dark forces that have possessed this plane via the corporate system. Your government is NOT going to help you because its existence is only a veneer extension (a mask) of the hidden corporate atrocity.

As Forbes puts it, “we must emphasize this over and over, that the whole wetiko disease is not limited to the brutes and goons who handle the gun, the lash, or the instruments of torture. The nice people in the offices, the typists, the lab technicians, the clerks and, of course, the owners, directors, stockholders, senators, generals and presidents who use, profit from, and feed on human exploitation are also cannibals to one degree or another.”

The trial of Chauvin, the verdict of ‘guilty’ and his imminent sentencing does nothing to solve the insidious problem that our systems are rotten to the core of their anthropo-sarcophagic hearts. As long as the rest of us are unwittingly willing to comply, continuing to follow orders and play along with this illusory system of scarcity and division between class, gender, colour and creed, subscribing and contributing to the corporate, technological systems set up to distance us both physically and psychologically from our true inner source of value, the centralised system of setting value on our life-force continues only to spiral all life upon this planet (every species and mineral) towards the black hole of ultimate, potentially destructive outcomes…

Do not be fooled. Tokens are cheap, like the illusion you keep buying into. The real trial has not even begun…

We need to look beyond personal projection – at the core issues in our lives – those matters which are corrupting and violating our nature and our capacity to stand in our own power. Pluto entered his current Rx shadow on Jan 4 and will progress into new territory on Jan 27, 2022.


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