PLUTO square SUN/MERCURY (Superior Conjunction at 29°14′ Aries)

Remember, no big production necessary but, whatever happens, hold on to your sovereignty right now…

Many big controllers will continue to exploit others, centralise power, feed their psychopathically ambitious disease for greater power. They’re so sick that they may never know, or even be forced to come to terms with the tremendous damage they have inflicted since they are mostly revelling in the self-appointed glory and privilege of running the show, reinterpreting facts and rewriting history to suit their own terms and insidious agenda.

Many of our historians, academics and scholars are themselves possessed with such toxic levels of ambition to become tenured and respected that they tend to preach, promote and promulgate aggressive and exploitative conduct as something to accede to, dismissing as “crude” or “primitive” anyone who doesn’t forcibly succumb to the dark, Machiavellian “divide and conquer” means of getting ahead, thereby subtly and subliminally programming and gaslighting young minds into the psychopathic ways of the old patriarchal world.

That world is dying, along with the old guard. Maintain your sovereignty at all times, especially in the face of any hypocrisy…

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  1. I think my husband would love it if I got a dress like this!

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