Dispelling The Dreaded Curse: SCORPIO SUPERMOON at 07°♏06 – Tuesday, April 27 at 3:33 UTC

At the culminating phase of the moon’s synodic cycle, we are provided with a unique opportunity to observe our most deeply troubling personal matters, approach them with some degree of maturity and wisdom and consider how we might proceed in order to get the best out of our experience. The moon is closer to the earth and in her sign of utmost detriment, perhaps elucidating emotions that we are commonly not comfortable seeing among one another, especially under otherwise ordinary circumstances.

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At Full Moon, the primal Solar/Lunar energies dissipate, pulling away as if separating from one another. Conscious ego-desires (Sun) which are usually trying to coherently marry with our unconscious needs (Moon) appear now to be at tremendous odds. We may try to keep it all together, but at times like these, there seems to be great disparity and attention needed to make ends meet.

Something is not sitting well, perhaps hidden, and our soul feels torn by inner conflict. By projection, it is often through some kind of relationship crisis that we come to recognise what’s eating at us; whether certain situations are working out for us or we appear to have lost control or power. Critical decisions may need to be made on which way to go, and it’s important that we meet these with some degree of responsibility and care to reach an agreement and avoid loss and separation.

This intensely bright Scorpio Moon, now in opposition to the Taurus Sun, lucidly exposes the elemental qualities of both fixed/feminine (receptive) signs, holding up their modal qualities at their most diametrical. Both signs like to hang on to stuff like it’s a matter of life and death – the watery Scorpio to her emotions; the earthy Taurus to physical matter. When the luminaries form an opposition here, it dredges up a range of rigid attitudes around what we have vs. what we desire from others. It is a time when we must take firm stock of what we’re worth and how much we’re willing to give up or merge with others in order to attain some degree of balance and peace. As circumstances become more entrenched, we find ourselves grappling with others as we try to reconcile between issues of:

ownership vs. possession
constructiveness vs. destruction;
investment vs. divestment
placidity vs. enragement;
conservatism vs. change;
trust vs. suspicion;
stability vs. crisis;
security vs. meltdown.

The complexity of this dilemma, including contributing dynamics from other alignments, was discussed in our most recent episode of the cosmic bus. These planetary alignments, such as a hard-aspect Neptune; the Pluto stationing (retrograde hours after this lunation); the fixed T-square formed with Saturn/Uranus; the Mercury/Venus conjunction at the far rise of the Taurus Sun; and the Mars in Cancer (currently out of bounds) only add to the overall intensity, volatility and nervous tension surrounding this moment.

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Please look carefully at your empowering horoscope messages (below) for a more specific delineation of how to best handle the deeply transformative power of this moon. Where there is enormous tension, frustration and crisis, there is also tremendous opportunity to see unprecedented opportunity to look into our most primordial insecurities.


Ultimately, no relationship can endure one-sided, fixed or unyielding terms of give-and-take. Sometimes, due to either/both parties’ stubbornness or unwillingness to change, conditions descend into a grim, decaying emotional paralysis. Situations are held to ransom by the highly manipulative, spiteful emotions of expectationjealousy and possessiveness. At some point, any or all of these three elements will become toxic and possibly fatal to any arrangement. To be stung by any (or all) of these venomous pricks could mean a slow, silent but certain death once their poison enters the bloodstream of an otherwise healthy partnership. This is nature’s built-in obsolescence against fixation, inability to trust and a reluctance to just let something just ‘be’.

Possessiveness comes in only when we invite the fear of losing something. If we have assumed that we ‘own’ something that appears to be slipping away from our clutches, this will lead to nagging and destructive criticism. Eventually, the joy in the relationship will disappear completely because the sense of freedom is gone.

Expectations soon become limiting and unreasonable and when they are no longer able to be met ultimately result in disappointment.

Jealousy is the debilitating sensation of inadequacy in a relationship that generally arises when we compare our own worth to that of a third party. This ultimately leads to the crippling fear that we may be ignored, abandoned, humiliated or unloved. Wherever there is jealousy, toxic drama and disharmony follow. This eventually spoils any chance of building true intimacy or trust.


On this Full Moon, see how this lunation has been slowly, yet powerfully illuminating where you must detach yourself from any fixed expectations and possessiveness in your personal affairs. Look to the incidents that have enraged you, coming to some realisation of how your unchecked anger, spite, bitterness, jealousy, suspicion, denial, secrecy, separation anxiety, and horrors of abandonment or betrayal create shutdowns and blockages in your energetic system. Acceptance of the darker side of our emotions will help them to ease and eventually subside and a peaceable answer to your situation will appear.

Holding on to what has hurt us, whether recently or in the past, places us at the mercy of missing what life has to teach us. Similarly, if all we learned was to hold onto grudges; seek revenge; never let go or show compassion; judge others as good or evil; be suspicious or spiteful; stay emotionally on edge, waiting to inflict some harm, then we become stuck in the lower, vicious cycle of Scorpio.

The universe does not present us with emotional conflicts to block access to our heart. The universe only presents us with opportunities to find ways to open it. Through some necessary re-negotiating our fixed terms or finding amicable ways to divest or part ways, the precious emotional investments we make in others can come to a more satisfying sense of appreciation. When we learn to see how blockages only hinder our growth, we raise the ceiling of hope and opportunity for growth.

By releasing the curse of fixated emotions, we develop compassion, learn to listen patiently, understand lovingly – not through suspicion, demandingness and wild speculation but through practising empathy and developing ways for non-violent conflict resolution. Here, this Scorpio Full Moon presents us with a golden opportunity which, through calm, caring, compassionate maturity, we see how successfully we can transform any infantile dispute into a spiritually transformative experience.

Enjoy the wonderful gifts showered upon you by this blessed Full Moon xx

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