A Moment of Repose [No Bus Today]

Beloved Tribe,

Let us take this moment, in the light of the slightly tarnished Capricorn New Moon to address the residue of pollutants we have inherited from our past.

From a karmic perspective, this next cycle of the Moon, particularly culmination (FM Jan 29) will present the most phenomenal conflicts in our lives due to its alignment with – with the Sun and planets in fixed signs. Fixed squares aggravate karmic issues that have been around for many lifetimes, and we must be prepared to sit with the uncomfortable matters excavated out the subterranean regions of Hades in Wednesday’s New Moon.

The Full Moon at 09°♌06′ will ask us to confront an ancient issue, see it clearly for the first time, perhaps. The time is here when we must draw the line at age-old problems and do something about reforming the ethical and moral implications of inequity of power, wealth and rulership over one another.

There will be no live bus today. Instead, I will be working with my team to create a special video presentation that clearly outlines the regenerative and reformative processes we are currently undergoing, both personally and socially.

Please take this moment to rejuvenate, repose and review your recent intentions [link below]. Treat this spiritual catharsis seriously. We are under tremendous pressure to purge the ‘sins’ and toxins of our past and to rid ourselves of any diseases – especially those we have inherited from our ‘fathers’. Both the consequences and rewards of this process will be enormous. Your horoscopes will outline where the transformation is taking place in your chart.

Also, you may wish to review our last bus episode – so much has happened since my last forecast… https://angstoic.com/…/cosmic-bus-lunation-report…/

Blessings to you all xx

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