Venus opposition to Moon Activates the Neptune/Node Square

[image: tada waves]

So, this NEPTUNE squaring the NODES is really turning our affairs into nightmarish situations and now, with VENUS opposing the MOON, highlighting where we’re most vulnerable to dogmatic hypocrisy and delusion; prone to suffering from our own little ‘reality’ projections and filters, as well as from the choices and actions of those who are similarly under the influence.

The Moon and Venus completes the perfect T-Square along the Nodal Axis, currently squared by Neptune.

It can easily turn already shaky relationships into a freaking mess.

The emotional uneasiness turns those who are most sensitive almost belligerently defensive, especially when they assume that others are out to get them. Messy disputes, both at work and at play abound, and over what, who knows?

Just in time for the usual holiday fare – not -, you may feel a weird inner resistance against too much social or work gatherings. This reluctance to parté is caused by a passive or unconscious hypersensitivity to other people’s crap, which intensifies the level of stress and inner tension.

If others’ psychic garbage seeps into your ‘aura’ and thoughts at an unconscious level, this has the potential to mess with your general well-being. Forget sleeping. Unless you pick up on what’s going on and take action to shut out or release any intrusive energies, you could end up feeling psychically attacked, and that’s going to feel awful and twisted for days.

Focusing on your meditation or other forms of self-therapy is most ideal, especially leading into Wednesday’s Full Moon…

….More on Neptune squaring the Nodes here…

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