MERCURY Stations Retrograde Opposite URANUS

[pic: dirk forna]

In 24 hours, MERCURY will station at 11°♏40’℞ to go retrograde. Opposite URANUS, it serves as a reminder of how much we don’t know as much as revealing inconsistencies in our thinking.

Through our interactions, we discover how much we stubbornly adhere to what we think we know, as well as limit our growth and development when we resistantly ‘think we know everything’.

The linear narrative inside our heads (and our mental pathways) is not only being seriously disrupted, but over the next several weeks we must also undergo a period of deep retrospective inquiry into how many of the ideas we’re working with are either adopted to conform to those of others, or simply rejected outright by our intuition. Manipulation and persuasion of our minds must be a matter of consent.

Either way, it doesn’t pay to stay fixed-minded about anything. What we are keen to develop here is the ability to dig deeper, get to the source of information and either challenge its motive for distorting and manipulating facts or be somewhat satisfied that what we are perceiving will stand to ultimately guide us to the truth.

Do not slouch. Use both your intuition and your mental faculties to question any ideas that don’t seem to make sense. Everyone has a hidden motive behind why they share information with us. Ask questions, be prepared to listen and ask further questions until you understand their agenda. Similarly, be prepared to answer for the thoughts and ideas that you come to espouse. Cut ties with thoughts that are implanted in your mind simply to sell you a product or fixed outcome.

We need to get to the truth. This will take some intrepid investigation on your part.

After a period of retrogradation through Scorpio and back to Libra, Mercury will again turn direct on Nov 3 at 25°♎54′, finally reaching Sagittarius on Dec 1. One way or another, humanity is about to uncover some startling truths.

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  1. Oh say simply the truth on the label. Choice clarity. Not rt or wrong. choice.
    So much energy wasted double guessing and in protection from stuff not nec in 1st place.
    Thank you Yr mental astuteness.

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