Mercury Opposition Uranus: “Fuck Your Opinion – Just Give Me the Facts”

Mercury will oppose Uranus exactly three times over the next six weeks and thanks to its retrograde on Oct 14, the god of communication and ideas remains within ~2° orb, opposite the great disruptor, Uranus, all throughout the 5th-22nd of this month.

Mercury’s oppositions to Uranus, marked in red

This usually indicates a climactic period of high-level neuroticism and fixity of mind which, whilst contrary and erratic, its sustained effects mean that the logic, especially of others, is hard-to-follow and can often switch position violently from one attitude, idea or belief to the extreme opposite within moments.

Mercury’s intent to be absolutely persuasive doesn’t let up in Scorpio, but this violent inconstancy of mind (and there can be several flip-flops) generates such tremendous interpersonal conflict that we just come to give up entirely with individuals whose schtick not only seems unreliable, uncomfortable or hard to believe, but downright frightening.

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This sustained dynamic throughout October enervates our threshold of tolerance for those ‘know it all’ types and their unapologetic ‘truth-telling’ assaults. Of course, we come to see that our utter disdain for the projected opinions of others, especially if they should conflict with our own, is merely a mirrored reflection to our own fixed views, and it is our mind’s delusional adherence to a certain idea – be it based in science, math, economics, religion or ‘magic’ that attracts the kind of convoluted arguments and debates that whip up commonly into a twitter-war kind of furore.

How do we resolve or moderate these challenges in the our communications with others? The first important step is to acknowledge that we have an issue in trying to understand one another, to admit that we are prone to see things in ways which are difficult to explain in current terms. The fact that we don’t have the data, facts or even language to explain things to one another is a problem, and we must do our best to calm that inner erratic agitation in our minds, just long enough to see that we are neither here nor there, so far as getting our message across.

We are in a communicational no-man’s-land, about to cross the wild frontier, just like the folks of radio and automobiles (late 1920’s) and those of the first telegraphs and railroads (1840’s) when Uranus had again first entered Aries and later laid down new pathways of travel and communication through Taurus.

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