Judgement Day – NEW MOON at 23°54′ LIBRA: Fri Oct 16, 2020

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The closest Supermoon of 2020 also sees Planet Earth and all of its inhabitants experiencing the most intense time. In the late degrees of Libra, this New Moon intention is to restore (or create) harmony and balance into our highlighted affairs. However, it appears that there are distant, overwhelming forces weighing heavily against our efforts to make peace.

With the world in the grips of a global pandemic, there is much confusion and instability as to who is in control and how to manage the threat of virus, as well as its impact on our economy and livelihoods. Social-distancing measures have severely affected the natural flow of our cultural and intimate relations, as well as the way we communicate, conduct our business and trade. A creeping apprehension of one another has by now divided every community, bringing to the surface many other issues of inequality and social inequity as well as igniting old tensions.

Against the Libra Sun and Moon sits a snubbed, scorned Eris with her pugnacious brother Mars. They are sick of being left out and are willing to fight for their rightful autonomy. Squaring these is the soul-crushing Pluto, flanked evenly by the governing forces of Jupiter and Saturn. Their object is to exercise total control using strict laws and constrictive measures. An opposition between Mercury and Uranus brings remarkable insights to the table. This is a super-tense moment, accentuated further by the Moon’s super-close proximity to earth, but the lunation’s ruler, Venus, promises to ease the pressure with her earth trine and opposition to Neptune.

On a personal level, it is an augury that we must soon make important decisions on how we will continue to relate to one another in a time when it looks unlikely that social and political tensions will let up, both locally and globally. The Pluto/Eris square will continue into 2021, and after Jupiter and Saturn become conjunct in December, will go on to square Uranus, creating a theme of considerable administrative upheaval and a rising urgency for massive social reforms. We must be ready for these and the imminent spectacular collapse of the old-world order.

This lunation is indeed a special moment, a portent for us to pledge a truce, set an intention to meet others halfway, put down our dogmas and our fears and come to listen to each other’s story with an aim to hear what their heart is trying to say. We have come a long way, suffered greatly. We all suffer similar traumas of being somehow excluded, left behind, or neglected in the race to get to the top of a limited heap. We all relate to being forced to comply with rules and stories that did just not feel right in order to survive. We are now finding ourselves disconcerted by the irony that if we let go of the corrosive stories, deceptions, cover-ups and clauses in our social and legal contracts that our society will fall apart.

And it will. Those laws and constitutions were written by people whose lives were bound to a different dimension. They were administered by those who were born into power and privilege and who assumed incredible ‘might-makes-right’ attitudes. The entire infrastructure of our society is still being held together by such antiquated attitudes. It is these attitudes which have left this planet stripped of all its beauty and natural resources.

We now know too well that our institutions of government and our constitutions and laws were designed to perpetuate division and separation. Perhaps, in a very physically structured world, all that was necessary to preserve the individual autonomy and autocracy of their ruling classes, but that is questionable. One thing is certain – the world was divided. Very soon, that world is coming to an end. Those who still believe that they can manage the new world, one constrained less by physical restrictions, are becoming more and more desperate in the way they are attempting to enforce their might and governance. Yet we know that all force eventually must relent; all structures must eventually collapse; all laws made not in full respect to nature’s immutable laws become soon redundant and useless.

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The Libra lunation is a time to see our world for what it has truly become. It is a time to sit and look at things objectively, without bias or prejudice, clear the way to a perfect judgement, after full consideration of all things presented.

Have a look at the people in our lives. Can we persuade them to agree that we can make things easier, more workable, more peaceful? This cardinal/air lunation invites us to use our cool intellect (air) to initiate (cardinal) civilised debate. A sense of strategy and tact, guile and the subtle shifting of positions must be employed to bring ourselves and one another into a more balanced, sustainable and peaceable place.

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