PISCES FULL MOON: Seeking Order Out of Chaos

Like any Full Moon, this glorious lunation shines the Sun’s conscious awareness upon the Moon’s often hidden or more unconscious nature. As the luminaries stand at the height of opposition in the heavens, we are asked to reconcile two very different sides of ourselves. We may notice some matters in utter discordance, feel strongly averse to those around us, creating both confrontation and opportunities to make amends

Full Moon precisely at 10°♓12′ – Wednesday, Sep 02 2020, 05:23 UTC.

The Full Moon produces a moment in which energies dissipate, a critical time in our synodic lunar calendar when decisions must be made, certain things must end, or we are forced to capitulate, declare victory or loss.

In this particular event, the shrewd Virgo Sun is on a path to turn Spirit into useful, purposeful matter, guiding us in a distinct and particular fashion to turn our efforts into something we can handle, practically work with, sink our teeth into, or otherwise dismiss, dispel or leave out on the lawn to be collected by the cosmic garbageman. Like many conscious choices at this time, this is generally a logical, mathematically rational process. The Sun receives considerable assistance from its mental ruler, Mercury, currently also in Virgo.

Observe how these rational, linear processes become somewhat challenged by the loose, wholly emotional and nebulous forces of the Moon and Neptune reflecting from Pisces. In the most lurid sense, this event is as much about the recent opposition of the lunation’s planetary rulers (Mercury/Neptune) as it is about the powerful luminaries. Hence, the conflict between the faculties of reasonable discernment and instinctive suspension of all such processes seems profoundly intensified, as if to punctuate the point:

Two sides stand diametrically opposed, one stands as an authority over mundanely practical affairs, empirically analysed data, drawn-out statistics, fastidiously complex processes, and clinically functional procedures, while the other is prone to feel its way through hazy instincts, intuitive imaginings, highfaluting dreams, cosmic vibes and fantastical illusions.

The two ends struggle to come to terms. Any discord experienced currently in our relationships occurs because of the earthy Virgoan desire for order and purification clashing against the Piscean inclination towards chaos and anarchy. Virgo insists that if you scrutinise and labour any issue for long enough; if you work at it methodically, you throw out what is foreign or irrelevant, whatever’s ‘dirty’ or ‘dis-eased’, with the supreme aim to integrate the healthy remains into a perfectly orderly and functional unit.

On the other hand, ‘whole-picture’ Pisces will have none of that excruciating nitpickery. Any planet in the mutable-water element becomes immediately dismissive and dissolvent of Virgo’s relentless obsession to make work of everything, harp on efficiency, neatness and incessant self-improvement. Pisces prefers to just do whatever, whenever, however it feels to be “in the flow”, with snickering disregard for Virgo’s fussing over the minutest details. Why, it even takes delight in confounding Virgo’s pedantry, literally flying in the face of any attempts to define or refine what Pisces ‘feels’ is already perfectly in alignment with the universe’s lyrical and poetic order of all things,

Does this dilemma sound a little familiar at the moment? Have you noticed anything like this in your world? Which ‘side’ do you lean towards? Or are you in half minds about things, perhaps confused or vacillating in a myriad of choices; completely exasperated or at a loss to understand why the universe is filled with a billion things you cannot reason with and can not seem to make any sense of?

Chances are, you have been caught up in a quadary of what to make of all this nonsense for some time. It’s just that on this Pisces Full Moon, some kind of reconciliation must be made. You need to make a decision, stick with it, and hope for the best…

What aggravates matters, even more, is that on a grander socio-political scale there seems to be a hideously harsh conspiracy of forces that are warring between those in Aries and Capricorn. Here, it appears as if extreme, irrepressible urges to achieve something epic and monumental is working too hastily, yet seemingly frustrated and impeded by confining rules, strict edicts and social restrictions imposed by forces in our outer world.

Whilst this can impel us into making greater efforts, with rulers Mars and Saturn at odds, it can also manifest as a struggle against authorities. Since this square is going to last throughout September, we can expect to see some individuals waging an all-out war against government, tradition or the Establishment.

full episode available here

The ambitiousness being mounted here, regardless of whose side you’re on – even if you choose to play ‘innocent’ bystander – will be felt, and as we see, the dissension developing here between the desire for perfect order against absolute chaos becomes intensified both deep within ourselves and also projected outwards towards others.

The current situation also poses a cardinal grand cross between the primary characters of the “Apple of Discord” myth, where the snubbed goddess Eris causes insufferable envy and rivalry between Hera (Juno), Aphrodite (Venus) and Athena (Pallas). In effect, this creates a formidable contest which, like the “Hunger Games”, does not end well for any of its penultimates for, in short, this story instigates the long, arduously drawn-out Trojan War.

In real terms, we can see how divided many of us are, and from the Aries (me first) perspective, we see that certain elements of humanity feel left behind, ignored, hungry, neglected and are now willing to fight it out – tooth and nail – at least by spreading discord and strife in often a most unashamed or brazen fashion.

This certainly impacts the main Virgo-Pisces theme of this lunation, where the discriminative and critical powers of Virgo Sun are trying to compartmentalise and sequester the Piscean plight for humility, altruism, compassion and ultimate unity without distinction.

Here can emerge a distinct tendency towards self-sacrifice and martyrdom, but also incredible confusion and disregard for any inconsistencies and displays of wild dissent and non-compliance. The riots and protests we are seeing on the streets, as well as the awful online twitter-wars and general dissent and intersectionality causing division between all people, is one manifestation of this inability to make any clear sense of what is going on and where we are all heading. In truth, there are so many variables affecting our ability to make clear and measured plans for a foreseeable future, that one wonders whether to throw all caution to the wind and take any chance possible.

Fortunately, we are also privy to a glimpse of what may come for us. An earthy Moon-trine from Uranus, also sextile to the Sun, provides a flashing glimpse of what’s in store. Insights and breakthroughs from Uranus in Taurus seek to disrupt and upgrade our earth – its physical properties: the global economy and its currency systems, our banking, finance, investments, basic food supply, as well as introduce the latest technological advancements into the whole order/chaos melee, bringing fancy advancements like state-of-the-art vaccines & medicines, the internet of all things (IoT), biometrics and people-tagging and a host of other infrastructure upgrades to our physical world – advancements which promise to ‘tidy up’ all the loose ends, eliminate waste, confusion and mismanagement, reduce corruption and disease, introduce us to the über-accountable world of blockchain technologies, algorithmic sorting of our data, super-policing and ultra-refined resource management – both human and all other. This promises to create an efficiency/effectiveness the Virgo/Pisces can only dream of. But will it?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of fear and reservation about all this, and it probably doesn’t help that leading authorities are not being entirely transparent about their own interests or where this technological agenda is headed.

It is a discussion, however, that people like ourselves are starting to formulate out in the open, and at this critical juncture posed by this lunation, we will start to see the ‘champions’ both for and against the new world order start to emerge onto the world scene as well. In our most recent bus episode, I have gone into some analysis of what’s to come.

As usual, I have provided here, in succinct detail, how this particular lunation will impact each of the 12 signs – see the link below. Please sign in (or sign up) to your cosmic tribe account to get your reading, and also support this work, if it continues to be of value to you.

Blessings, and may this lunation guide you towards how you can be a more genuinely useful and giving kind of person xx

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  1. Pisces Sun, Leo rising, Aries Moon, with a Virgo soulmate of many years. I’m trying to remain calm and positive during these times. Your description of the Pisces/Virgo differences might as well use our two names to describe us. I appreciate you alot dear Ang!

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