Cosmic Bus Lunation Report [episode #2036]- Pisces Full Moon

In the lead-up to the PISCES FULL MOON (Wed Sep 02, 05:23 UTC at 10°♓12'), we are mindful that our world is forcing us to a point of serious recalibration of our intentions and plans. Many of the things we used to rely on are sliding away, and as the week progresses, we realise the extent of how much we're being impacted.

On the exterior, it seems that the structure of our civilization is losing its foothold. Officials and governments are getting more and more desperate to keep it all together, introducing extreme changes in forceful and often draconian ways. Resistance to these tough, stringent changes may be blind, irrepressible, yet also necessary.

As Mars stations to retrograde (Sep 9), the war against the exterior becomes internalised. As the frustration increases, we also look towards how we can best direct our energies to make useful and constructive changes in a seemingly chaotic and hard-to-rationally-understand universe.

Join me here, on this special episode of the Cosmic Bus, as we unpack the energies and learn how to best 'work with what we got'.

Here is a short excerpt from today's episode...

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