Cleaning Up Our Act: New Super-Moon at 25°01′ Virgo – Thursday, Sep 17, 11:00 UTC

This has been an extremely potent week, and thanks mostly to an intensely close encounter with our Moon. Thursday’s Lunation is the first of three consecutive New Moons in perigee (Supermoon) that will see the Moon pass before the Sun at her closest proximity to earth – a phenomenon not only swelling the ocean tides but nudging us too, in no uncertain terms, to “bring our big emotions into line”.

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We all know this. Under a Virgo lunation, we are feeling an enormous pull to get our personal lives together. Since the Virgo Full Moon (Mar 9), this has been an incredibly messy six months to keep some semblance of a routine. Health and work have suffered, as has our self-esteem for not being as helpful to others as we can. It is clear that we need to look at bringing these things back into line for the year ahead.

The Supermoon in Virgo helps us to make a new start by urging us to remove obstacles and distractions from our lives, focus our attention on more efficient methods and means by which to improve our personal path.

We are, however, to bear in mind that we are presently being challenged by the needs and soul desires of the collective as a square for this lunation to the Lunar Nodes reveals a severe misalignment between our individual ego and the evolutionary drive of common humanity. The lunation shows up an imbalance and will test how much our individual aims are currently out-of-sync with what the universe is wanting from us. We see an enormous disconnection between our own intentions and those of everyone else, and we’re not happy. This in itself creates tension.

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Yes, we are evolving. We are being called out of the wild forests of Sagittarius and tweeted to join the Media Jamboree over in Gemini. The Gemini North Node summons us to show how we can best maintain communicative contact with others. We do this by listening. This is not easy when the South Node in big-mouth Sadge leaves us prone to assume that we already know everything and refuse to be told any more. In fact, as far as ‘truth’ is concerned, the ‘yet-to-be-evolved’ have already made up their minds. Filled with ‘belief’ we make extraordinary statements, announced in such a dogmatic fashion that it is disconcerting to those who try to grapple with facts or raise any question as to their authenticity. Arguments seldom end well, leaving people divided into two camps.

Understandably, the analytical Virgo sees a problem with both Gemini and Sagittarius. She sees the messy war between reason & intuition, facts & morality as just a lot of hot air and cinders floating in the breeze, which when it lands causes conflagration upon her fertile earth.

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Yet, the mighty force of this Virgo lunation is such that it responsibly lends us the shrewdly discerning qualities of her mutable/earth modalities. We are called to have a careful look at what is happening, see what we can make of it. Yet, when Virgo energy is not handled correctly, it can develop into a fear of criticism and scrutiny of facts, which can easily turn into callous and summary discrimination towards others. 

Virgo can thus swing us into a full-scale rejection of knowledge and information which we do not understand. A quincunx to a retro Mars can stir defensive feelings toward those we hardly know, simply on the basis that what they have to say feels impractical, illogical and unworkable. A sesquisquare from Uranus in Taurus agitates even further irritation and hostility to the lunation, especially aggravating those who possess a stubborn resistance to the technology and insights driven by exponential increases in computing power and by the online availability of vast amounts of data. From software used to discover new technologies to algorithms used to predict our cultural interests, technology has made possible new products and services that are exponentially working to increase the efficiency and pleasure of our personal lives.

Mars, who is in quincunx to the New Moon, acts as a stymie here. Initially, we don’t understand the cause of the inner unrest and aggression or the tension it projects towards those around us. Like a nagging pain we have to bear, it makes us touchy and needs little provocation to make us extremely irritated with others, flying into a rage without a good reason. These feelings of aggravation must be worked through. We need to process our anger with a set intention to take practical action. Only hard work will help us to avoid feelings of isolation, loneliness and lack of purpose. This, of course, is very challenging, given Mars’ sustained square to the Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto ‘conspiracy’ in Capricorn, trying to restrict our activity. During Mars’ period in retrograde (2 months), we must focus this hard work inwards.

The earth trine from Saturn/Pluto is interesting in that it pulls out the disciplinarian stick on us all. Those who are aptly-skilled and fit enough to work hard are priming to dominate the jobs marketplace through the application of suitably tight, state-sanctioned planning. Their determination to be a greater contributor to society is promised with rewards. The Virgo/Capricorn synergy is about building upon the effectiveness of proper plans and of being clinically thorough, both in preparation as well as execution of those plans. It is also a call to those who are feeling ‘left out’ to start working on themselves, finding new ways to contribute to a changing society in order to support themselves and honour their citizenry.

Saturn/Pluto reminds us that our world is on the brink of a new governing style. It lends strongly from the Uranian technological revolution, one which will fundamentally transform the way we live, work, and relate to one another. It is epic in both scale, scope, and complexity, and the transmutation it bring to our societies will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.

At this stage, we are uncertain about how it will unfold. There are so many variables currently dominating the affairs of our planet, be they political, environmental, economical and ecological. One thing is clear: our response to the changes must ultimately be integrated and comprehensive. They must involve all stakeholders of today’s society, from both the public and private sectors, from academia and religion, from both science and quantum mysticism.

Naturally, big gains come through the application of serious discipline, greater austerity and important denials. This can be seen in the severity augured by the next several lunations. This is an especially difficult time for those who obstinately hold contrary or suspicious views towards governing authority, science and those disseminating ‘official’ information. Uranus accelerates the speed of current breakthroughs at an exponential rather than a linear pace. His passage through Taurus is disrupting the economy of almost every industry in every society. The breadth and depth of sweeping new changes ushers in the transformation of entire supply-chain of economic production, management, and governance as well as our relationship to money, banking and finances.

Uranus is also receiving a square from Venus, which indicates the degree of uneasiness about how today’s progress may tend to favour the providers of intellectual and physical capital—those innovators, shareholders, and investors in the digital market. This ultimately impacts our aesthetic self-esteem, the value we place on our creative autonomy and artistic sovereignty. When the new innovations impact our sense of self-worth, we become disillusioned and fearful that our labour and workmanship won’t be as valued. We realise that unless we adapt to the innovative changes, the potential of our income and that of our children may be affected. Of course, we need not worry about our children. They are taken to ‘move with progress’ easier than ourselves, who often seem attached to the old way of doing things.

In any case, whether you’re leading the brigade or are feeling somewhat excluded, you are ‘inspired’ get busy; to do the necessary work to transmute your work capacity; to be fitter, healthier and more productive. There is unprecedented pressure from the status quo as well as the drive from within.

At this point, it is debatable whether everyone is still feeling the push towards a greater system of Capricornian meritocracy as those most ambitious in our world. To the Aquarian-minded, ‘getting to the top’ does not seem as being as democratically rewarding as it has promised. Looking at the systems in government currently installed in the Kremlin, Beijing, Washington, or any other capital, one wonders whether the amassing of authoritarian power at the expense of individual freedom seems like their end game. As Mars now retrogrades back towards Eris, it generates a very scorned and resentful square towards those who are in power.

After 4 months in retrograde, Jupiter is now stationed at 17°♑24′, turning direct. He is being squared by this lunation’s ruler – Mercury. The great god of optimism and opportunity is now ready to move out of his ‘fall-sign’, where he has seen many of us inclined to take the exact letter of the law too literally. In Capricorn, Jupiter is inclined to generate opportunity by playing along within the architecture of the hierarchical system, looking for legal loopholes in the written legislature, almost in denial to the spirit of nature’s immutable laws. This has unfortunately created some grave inconsistencies in moral conduct, business ethics, and even in the responsibilities of high office.

Jupiter’s pass over his retrograde shadow for a third and final time affords us the wisdom to see the injustices, crimes, and hypocrisies of those in positions of wealth or clerical responsibility. Those whose personal ambitions for greater power, status and prestige by exploiting loopholes and clauses in current constitutions and electoral processes, while being utterly neglectful of their duty to society, will make one last grab for total control as Jupiter approaches Saturn/Pluto (Nov-Dec).

This Virgo supermoon, as well as the Libra and Scorpio lunations that follow in the coming months, will see governments increasingly facing pressure to change their current approach to public engagement and policymaking. Their intense ambition to maintain a more centralised role in conducting policy will only create a fierce backlash from the public. New sources of competition are on the rise as if in protest to the old order.

As Jupiter and Saturn progress into Aquarius (Dec 2020), the redistribution and decentralisation of power that new technologies make possible will also force government systems and public authorities to modify their behaviour in order to ensure their survival. How they do this depends on our collective activity.

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The Virgo lunation hence braces us for the hard work that lies ahead. We must prove that we are capable of embracing a world of disruptive change, and we must (en masse) force our governing systems to suitably adapt their structures to the levels of transparency and efficiency so that we are all able to maintain our competitive edge.

This is a necessary shift for the masses if we are going to make it into the new age. If our current systems cannot evolve, we will face intolerable trouble in integrating ourselves into the new labour and health markets, a disruption to humanity’s structure that could leave many people feeling further left out in the cold.

What can you do? Here is the latest instalment of Empowering Horoscope Messages and Intentions for this phenomenally close New Moon. See how you feel about the whole thing. Blessings, and enjoy!


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