MARS RETROGRADE: Kicking Oneself for Not Having Acted Appropriately

Mars is the planet symbolising yang energy; the lower-ego; our urge to survive; the drive to demonstrate our competency against contenders and threats; our masculine sexuality and the assertive force we apply to uphold our own unique identity by any force of action (fight or flight instinct).

The dynamic effect of Mars is often experienced in our personal relationships and, both in the natal chart and through transits, shows the manner in which we struggle to sustain our existence against the relentless cruelty and harshness of nature and its perils. Mars is at work whenever we apply effort to satisfy our carnal, materialistic and physical needs, thus assuring our triumph over the elements.

In its highest, most conscious-minded operation, the action of Mars can be employed as a defender and preserver of the Higher Self, thus ensuring our best possible chances to complete our spiritual mission on this earth.

The wonderful thing is that Mars performs his whole ‘defender-of-the-self’ role regardless of whether we are aware of our ‘higher purpose’ or not. It is a primal urge in every organism that becomes immediately stirred and engaged in action whenever we feel threatened on any level.

MARS IN ARIES (Jun 28, 2020 – Jan 7, 2021)

Mars in his domicile ignites the fighting spirit; a swashbuckling urge to spring into action, generally without thinking. There’s an ambitiousness to be the first, to rail for freedom and independence from the charge of others, but there’s also a danger when his wrath or anger is provoked by similar activity. In a blind fury, Mars in Aries unleashes a destructive, combative reaction which results in quarrelsome and even violent behaviour. As Mars stations, his impetuous fervour precipitates into harmful, or at least wasteful, displays of fire energy.

Of course, since Mars entered his Rx shadow (Jul 25), his impetuous actions have been curtailed and limited, confined and restrained (often by overwhelming force by the heavy planets in Capricorn (Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto). This effect has not only managed to stifle and discipline Mars’ blind fury but also created enormous frustration and delay in his otherwise direct and impudent reactions.

MARS IN RETROGRADE (Sep 9, 2020 – Nov 13 2020)

When Mars turns retrograde, his fiery energies become directed inwards. We may start to reflect back on events or incidents where we feel we failed to act appropriately to protect or defend ourselves. Similarly, there may have been regretful actions. Any disappointment or failure to act accordingly, whether recent or historical, could now act as the trigger to the ego becoming sublimated, twisted, distorted, denied or betrayed.

[pic: enzo guillermo]

The mere notion of our personal position or boundaries of tolerance being compromised, or that we have let ourselves down, could ignite an intense inner sequence of angered activity as our ‘personal inner warrior’ seeks to restore his connection to the Higher Self.

Here, however, rather than asserting his forces outwardly, the retrograde Mars seethes inwardly with the inflammation of regret, self-denial and repressed anger.

Motivated by the incentive for personal retribution or ‘setting matters straight’, those most affected by this ‘backward’ transit might be tempted to make a valiant but mistimed attempt to ‘autocorrect’ any discordant actions of the past. Typically, the less consciously we act under the auspices to ‘right the wrongs’, the more we appear to others as either coming on too strong, too late or become driven by totally unrequited force.

In the midst of rejection, as if sensing the danger of humiliation or defeat, we quickly pull back, retreating deeper into an inward state of outrage, hatred and disgust with ourselves. In this, we may become infuriatingly trapped in a recurring spiral of self-reproach and discontent.

Are you familiar with such destructive cycles? Perhaps you were born with a retrograde Mars yourself.

During the next few weeks, it is this process which needs to be checked, since those individuals who become prone to act in this mode are now inclined to express Mars energy in a subjectively anguished, wild, and apparently hostile manner, exhibiting all sorts of adverse behaviour, particularly upon themselves or towards the preservation of their autonomic peace. This could erupt into a sudden, unbridled tendency to over-react, to ‘undo a wrong-doing’ or to over-compensate for any under-performed deeds. This distorted sense of anger is again met with much destruction or upheaval when Mars squares Saturn (Sep 29), then Pluto (Oct 09), then Jupiter (Oct 19) – overwhelming energy which applies heavy restraining pressure from state/law/social peer-pressure, using whatever means or power is available to continue its oppressive agenda.

Keeping a meditative, or reflective view of any present or past instances of anger, choosing purposefully to integrate past regrets into attempts to close off, resolve and dispel any disputes or hostilities is perhaps the best course to manage this energy. This can be achieved by offering one’s individual energetic resources towards a group project, cause or rekindling of relationships that are based on co-operation rather than competition.

Beginning with the self, the individual can choose to focus on overcoming any selfish tendencies in their desire complexes that seize control over them, becoming more outwardly engaged in ways and means that serve the higher self.

Mars stays retrograde until Nov 13, finaly exiting his retrograde shadow on Jan 2, 2021, effectively repeating this pattern of fury and frustration a third and final time.

“You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”

~ Buddha

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  1. True this; however gives my rather more introverted, peacemaker and quieter style of living a push or KITA. The battles play out ( sun Cap, rising Aries) must make sure the war is not with self.

    Having my husband and then, more recently, BFF die in this time phase; I’m not now one for keeping quite so quiet.

    Hubs was on palliative care; and my response to BS is to call it out. Having stared death in the face everyday, and every minute of every day; BS, other peoples opinions, are just that BS.

    Hopefully now both relationships are squared off, and yes I have regrets, and no I don’t beat myself up over them. ( well not much anyway)

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