Don’t be too surprised when sophisticated robots and computer algorithms soon start to drive humans entirely out of the job market. With growing automation, all wealth and power is quickly becoming consolidated by a small group of elites who govern over the all-powerful algorithm companies, already producing unprecedented social and political inequality.

Sure, you may beg to differ, taking comfort in that today’s (for example) taxi, bus and truck drivers would band together if their jobs were threatened. Their unions would take action staging protests, strikes, blockades etc. They could even get nasty and riot violently if they really got desperate and lost their shit. But what if the right to protest was both denied and outlawed due to concerns for public health and safety? What then? And besides, one cannot hold back the wheels of progress…

Soon, in the very near future, millions of human drivers are slated to become redundant, replaced by a single algorithm, one currently being developed by one of the handfuls of billionaires who own leading AI (Artificial Intelligence) transportation corporations like Waymo (Google), Argo AI, Uber, Tesla, GM Cruise, etc. In fact, the only thing slowing them down is that they are currently all in competition, not working together on the ultimate solution.

Beyond this, an algorithm could even own the entire global transportation system, one that doesn’t have to answer to any human developer or system administrator, possessing all the means to both install and improve itself. This may sound like a wacky impossibility but before rejecting such fantastical notions remember that most of our planet is already legally owned and managed by non-human entities, namely corporations and nations. They rule everything in your world, and you would be pressed to get an audience with their human CEO or state representative. Even if you did, you would not be likely to hear an honest word of assurance, other than an official statement that your job concerns and career interests are safely in their hands.

So what will you do in a world where computer algorithms will have soon replaced drivers, store clerks, teachers, bank tellers, lawyers, doctors, landlords, even artists? CLUE: As MERCURY approaches its retrograde in a couple of days time, prepare to think back to what you were doing during Feb-Mar, when Mercury was last in its Rx cycle…

#ᴀᴤᴛƦᴏʟᴏɢʏØʄɴᴏᴡ ☉ ⊼ ♃/♇

 David Cope used his Experiments in Musical Intelligence (EMI) program to compose Zodiac, twelve short works for string orchestra in the style of Vivaldi. This is “Taurus”. The video is also algorithmically created.

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