image: The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, John Martin, 1852]

So, kinda get a feel on how it’s gonna be.
Not so much in the next week or so, but in about a year when Saturn finally starts to square against Uranus (Feb-Jun & Dec 2021, and then some at the end of 2022).

East meets West.

The icy stand-offs you’re currently experiencing, both out there and in here, are the typical reactions of folks not willing to let go of their old-school ways. Like in the wild west, they’re holding on to their guns and holding their positions.
Nobody likes change.
And some people, maybe even you, had all their shit lined up nicely. It might have meant very little to anyone, even you, but it was YOUR shit, and it was there, and all lined up and easy to count as your own.

Disruptions, disruptions.
Unforeseeable ones
which are actually a fucking nuisance
if you like your ducks all in a row.

With this alignment, any jerky motions toward ‘reform’ might feel like too-much-too-soon. Mars in Aquarius makes us pushy for change but not quite sure where to. Uranus in Taurus is slow to move, but he gets it. He’s just heading in the opposite direction. One is for radical, the other for simplicity.

With Neptune in the mix, it gets really weird.
It’ll be weird for days. But it’ll passover.
Saturn square to Uranus won’t be so transient. Nor as forgiving. By next Feb, those still clinging to value systems are not in sync with the new direction of society, as a whole, will have a real fight on their hands. A real war between the dimensions of consciousness. Take notes of the personal conflicts playing out in your world now, imagine them playing out at large and at length in 2021.

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