Special Messages for the Cosmic Tribe (Full Moon in Libra – April 19, 2019 )

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This Full Moon at the last degree of Libra harkens to bring matters to an end, especially where we have slipped into unconscious habits of complacency, indecision, indifference and indolence, mostly because we wish to keep the peace and not cause any waves. This is our second consecutive Full Moon in Libra – the first occurring precisely on the Equinox (March 21) and it is with great urgency that the Aries Sun repeatedly prompts us to deal consciously with what’s not working for us, prompting us to stand up and take immediate action.

The Sun also nears his first conjunction to Uranus in Taurus, who in ever more frequent lightning bolts is shuttling omens and insights about the present state of our earth and its conservation, management of money and property, land and its produce, population, as well as matters where we have become stuck and unwilling to change. Uranus is a shocking, unemotional force that cannot be resisted or denied. Those still stuck in a mode of political idealism and self-satisfaction, despite the pressing warning to shift will find this engagement rather uncomfortable and confronting.

The world is in desperate need of leadership – not because we seek power or prestige but because we (as individuals) are best suited to taking action where it’s needed. Those who have leadership thrust upon them will take it in their stride to do their utmost to implement urgent changes. They will surprise themselves in how much their individual actions can make a difference.

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Special Messages for Full Moon in Libra – April 19, 2019

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