THE FORTNIGHT AHEAD: Dec 26, 2017 – Jan 9, 2018

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What’s more scary – that you took it all so seriously back there, or that you may have to start now?

Guess that depends on which end of the ‘SERIOUSLY’ argument you’re on.
And then again, it’s how seriously.

How seriously does one take all this?

When we said it was gonna get really, really real, could you imagine that it would even matter? And who has seniority over your reality anyway… tell you to get serious, now?

We’ll see.

My opinion: not sure anyone’s taking anything seriously yet.
It’s more like, #whateverdude
Everyone’s all wised up and spiritually connected to their centre after Sagittarius.

Unlike the past year, at this point nobody gives a hoot any more.

Past the Solstice, VENUS’ immediate hold-up at SATURN’s Homeland Security is just her introduction into Capricorn. Sign says “ᴤ#ɪᴛ GETᔕ ᖇEᗩᒪ ᕼEᖇE”. She’s not native to Capricorn but she’s welcome, so long as she plays her cards right. Smiles cost extra.

She’s following the SUN.

Sol has only just ticked off his FIRST QUARTER with the MOON (04°♈48′) since they met back at the Galactic. In Aries, Luna’s not too fussed about anything but herself. She’s feeling a bit out of it all.

Mars in Scorpio is hanging, expanding his dark horizons with Jupiter, getting buzzed out by Neptune.

Private Party.

Everything seems dispassionately chilled after the charade that went down on the holy day.

What was that all about, by the way? How could one take that seriously any more?

Venus gets closer to the Sun, almost a conjunction, for his FOOL MOON (11°♋38′ JAN02,2018). Yeah ‘Fool’, to oppose all that.

A nice little Grand Kite forms to see in the New Year. Uranus stands to go direct – not engaged. Festivities are done.

There’s a lot of emotion about but it’s subdued. Everyone’s wondering what happened to the ol’familiar fuzzy feelings usually vibing around holiday time.

Maybe things are getting real… for some cats..

What does that even mean, ‘real’?

Everybody’s still looking out there for a definition.

Find out:

By the time Venus finally catches the Sun, he has also reached PLUTO.

Triple conjunction ♀/☉/♇ at 19°♑04′ at the THIRD QUARTER Moon (18°♎36′ JAN09, 2018). Looks like they’re all taking a T-Square from URANUS.

Talk about your fated love-unions…

Mars & Jupiter, working fanatically as one, sextile the whole thing. Old Nick the Stripper. Intense take-down.

Suppose this is about the time ᴤ#ɪᴛ gets really, really real.

The intensity experienced on a personal level by Jan 9, 2018 pretty much marks the flavour of what the next couple of years will be all about. Something big is about to be borne. This next New Moon (Jan 16), at 26°♑55′ squares Uranus again. Massive jolts on all levels of our evolutionary experience.

Harsh. But only if you’re clinging to a past that never was, and never can be.

TIP: Stone-free awareness™ (this could be serious).

Blessings, and don’t forget, you’re free to smile through this  xx

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2017

How it this serious for you? 

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