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Saturn in Capricorn (2018-2020) – Special Messages for each sign

Saturn has the effect of forcing us to come to realistic terms with strengths and weaknesses in a particular area of our lives, and by applying pressure and weight helps us see where we tend to waste time, energy, and money. It therefore teaches us  how to maximise economy of thought, motion, and resources in order to make our physical experience a little more sustainable and ongoing. If the lessons are studied and taken on board, tremendous benefit can be derived from even the hardest of transits. If they are ignored, then the ‘karmic difficulties’ will just repeat themselves down the line, except that the lessons will be harder next time.

So how does your imagination and creativity, when put into a structure and generated through viable a business model, measurably increase your economic and physical viability and sustainability in this world? And where does the fear, the psychological limitation become a danger for you to wallow in your misery lie? Which area of your life, if you do not step up and act on your responsibilities do you become weaker and less able to prevent yourself from falling on the same kind of hard luck again?

Find out in detail how Saturn plays out for you through Capricorn:

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Aries/Aries Rising
Taurus/Taurus Rising
Gemini/Gemini Rising
Cancer/Cancer Rising
Leo/Leo Rising
Virgo/Virgo Rising
Libra/Libra Rising
Scorpio/Scorpio Rising
Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising
Capricorn/Capricorn Rising
Aquarius/Aquarius Rising
Pisces/Pisces Rising

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