HOROSCOPES Messages for the SUN IN CAPRICORN: Dec 21 – Jan 19

The Sun’s move into Capricorn marks the Solstice – winter in the northern/summer in the southern hemisphere. Capricorn is Cardinal Earth, which means we are at the hard-nosed business end of our affairs, a time of year when things get real and we have to face our responsibilities with a sense of maturity, seriousness and grounding. Certainly, like the wise, paternal influence, we are reminded that we need to pay our dues to the society in which we wish to belong. If we have taken off on a tangent or become too indulgent in some flight of fancy, then this will be a time to reign it all in and make a firm commitment to do our part responsibly.

With Saturn also entering Capricorn, much is settling into forming and imposing a new social structure to work by. In this, we can work at our own personal goals steadily and with discipline. Being persistent, taking into consideration the long-range picture, having the confidence and the vitality to keep at what is being done in a loving and compassionate way is important.

Sextiles from Jupiter and Neptune mean that a wealth of intuitive insights can be brought to light if our fantasies, imaginings and visions about the future can be grounded. We stand to bring greater meaning to what is happening in our lives by keeping clear and true about what we are experiencing.

A powerful love interest, much greater than the personal is possible when the Sun conjuncts Venus and Pluto on Jan 9. The passage by the Mars/Chiron trine on Jan 12 blesses us with an ability to bring to light the real and true nature of our conflicts and what they have to teach us.

Squaring Uranus on Jan 14, will disrupt and challenge our routines and expectations. Expect the unexpected and you won’t be disappointed.

The New Moon with Venus on Jan 17  bring a perfect time to stop, reassess our values and loves over the past 12 months, and to set some new intentions on how we plan to move forward – career, structure and parenting are some key themes to work on.

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Below are just teasers fo your special horoscope messages (for each sign). 

Aries/Aries Rising…..Your career and professional ambitions……. Taurus/Taurus Rising….. matters of spirituality, religion, law and philosophy……. Gemini/Gemini Rising……. Financial, material, and shared resources…. Cancer/Cancer Rising…… social stoushes and exchanges with partners, members of the public even foes…. Leo/Leo Rising….. how you conduct your day-to-day routine…… Virgo/Virgo Rising…… your recreational pursuits and things you love….. Libra/Libra Rising…… the foundations of your private, more personal side….. Scorpio/Scorpio Rising….. thinking and talking a lot about your plans and ideas….. Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising…… securing financial, material, and physical resources……. Capricorn/Capricorn Rising…. your generally conservative, reserved, introverted personality…. Aquarius/Aquarius Rising…… helping people with their professional and public goals and ambitions…… Pisces/Pisces Rising….. social circles and group involvements……

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Aries/Aries Rising

Your career and professional ambitions will be strongly highlighted this month, expressing your desire to acclaim a more prominent social presence and public recognition. Here, it is important that you’re ‘walking your talk’ – actually executing those plans, producing solid results, kicking real goals – not just holding up appearances and skimming along the surface of those peaks. This means more than just personal prestige and recognition here – it’s time to make a worthy contribution to the structure of civilization and to to all mankind. Any efforts that would secure you into a position which assumes greater authority and more pronounced leadership will have to be hard-earned, demonstrating a respectable, conservative and reserved manner. Whilst this may clash with your recent spate of restlessness and instability of character, it is time now to take a more serious attitude about where indeed it is you want to go, and define the kind of mark you want to leave in the world.

Taurus/Taurus Rising

The Capricorn Sun highlights just how much you seek seniority in matters of spirituality, religion, law and philosophy, bringing out the teacher or mentor to others in some way. aiming to “teach others a thing or two”, be mindful that you can sometimes push it too hard, and your inherent authoritative presence can come across as bullying and severe. With a bit of presence, and certainly compassion, you can avoid learning the hard way that those whom you’re so eager to impress with your special brand of knowledge are indeed going around trying to damage your credibility and reputation. Ease up with trying to convert others by force, and be surprised how easily people follow your way, simply because you faith in what you believe is grounded in consistency and an impeccability of character.


Gemini/Gemini Rising

Financial, material, and shared resources with others become a point of contention and intrigue for you this month, and anyone with whom there are issues of power, authority, or higher status may have to justify why they deserve to take the reins from you, in any respect. Whoever ends up in control had better demonstrate that they can do it responsibly. Dealing with other peoples’ lives is serious business and any degree of dogma in the exchange will automatically shift any intimate exchange with others into a lower gear. Matters of low vibration could deteriorate into nasty power struggles, abuse of trust and a violation of rights. It is imperative that you stay very aware of the cause and effect of all of your actions. It is important that you stay impeccable with thoughts and deeds that involve those things that are precious and sacred to others, exercising the highest degree of self-awareness in your dealings at all times. The higher manifestation coming through this month can be the unlocking of some of life’s “mysteries” and solving some of the hardest problems.

Cancer/Cancer Rising

A month of the Sun in Capricorn is produce some social stoushes and exchanges with partners, members of the public even foes who show up as ambitious, success-driven, and whether or not they are like that, they just tend to get that way when you’re around, just because you bring that out in others. In any sense, you prefer that people who want to get involved with you take the initiative to get things done, and whether business or personal, success, status, and achievement will be important qualities for them to possess or for them to bring out in your association with them. Any union that promises a step up to providing you with greater security, practicality, material advantages becomes appealing. The emotional or love aspect is secondary. So long as they are business oriented, very exact, very honest, extremely faithful, would do everything possible to maintain the status, then they are worthy of forming a union or alliance. So whether it be marriage, friendship, or business that you’re seeking, let the Sun shine, and Saturn form the manifestation of that significant other for you to work with.

Leo/Leo Rising

The Capricorn Sun places emphasis on how you conduct your day-to-day routine, helping you focus on what needs getting things done, putting light on how you go about getting your desired results, kicking those goals and pretty much underscoring how, at times, you can be quite harsh and inflexible about the way you do all that. Naturally, the crises are going to occurs if you should fail to make appropriate adjustments or modifications to your program. Being how you are, wanting things exactly as you want them, might produce spectacular results, but it often create stress and tension which, if not dealt with can manifests itself into all kind of health problems in the nervous system and the body. Try to get a little more involved in the process,, see what it takes to pull off the kinds of demands you expect others to perform to meet your impeccable standards. Hopefully engaging with those who make things work for might inspire you to be a little more compassionate.


Virgo/Virgo Rising

It becomes obvious that your recreational pursuits and things you love are often tied up with some degree of ambitiousness and striving to be the most successful. Observe how you prefer to set duties and intentions in all your leisure activities, prepared to do the necessary hard work to truly enjoy yourself, much as you despise being forced to do something you are obligated to do. In fact, watch how you make decisions to walk away from any activity the second it becomes a chore and not a choice. People may find it strange, difficult to understand, but you generally won’t dance or play with anyone or anything that lacks any objective or goal. This can be frustrating, or limits your opportunities to have fun, but you know exactly what’s going on, and make it clear that you are either in it for the power and prestige, or won’t have a part in it whatsoever.


Libra/Libra Rising

Over this next month the focus shifts to the foundations of your private, more personal side, and you demonstrate just how ambitious and hard-working you can be in order to achieve some degree of success and status. Few may know this, but your goal in life is to show how disciplined you are in caring for yourself and for loved ones. You are prepared to do whatever it takes to ensure that nobody under your care struggles or suffers for anything. So long as you and your loved ones are provided for and protected, you feel safe and emotionally fulfilled. You take great responsibility for helping others to find purpose and direction in life, although crises this month show just how much you pull to manifest this on your own terms only. You should realise that your inner needs are merely being projected onto others, and actually it becomes evident to them that you need to operate more from a place of compassion, rather than earthy, austere expectation and inflexible demands.

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising

You will probably think and talk a lot about your goals and ambitions this month, yet may come across considerable challenges in actually doing anything to manifest them, which only frustrates and upset you when you don’t produce any tangible results. You must become motivated to actually DO something; take the necessary actions, get the ball rolling at least and once you make the start discover that any knowledge, information, or assistance you need will also come your way to help you manifest your ideas into reality. Don’t be shy or afraid to get going, have the confidence to get involved with those who can help, work at your own pace, even if it is generally slower than others. Remember, you are seeking a solid understanding of the knowledge necessary to accomplish your desired plans, and though you are not the most gregarious person in the clan, you are by far the most reliable to get there in the end, and its the end results that matter.

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising

Your achievement-based methods and means towards securing financial, material, and physical resources are likely to become the main theme over this month. You value that hard work is necessary in order to reap real benefits you desire, and your inherent wisdom and authoritative presence prove very lucrative quality for you. Watch that you do not take your influence and power for granted, you may lose your credibility and your effectiveness in getting results. Watch your tendencies to hoard wealth – banking up matter is a sign of stagnation, not a natural flow of currency, and whilst there’s nothing wrong with having material possessions in life, it matters more about how these are used, the pleasure that they can provide rather than the storage and accumulation to inflate you with a sense of power.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising

Your generally conservative, reserved, introverted personality exudes an air of karmic responsibility that reflects an identification with the mainstream of life itself. Since you derive your feelings of confidence and well-being from the approval and respect you receive from others, your true, spirit self seems entombed, kept within a cave. During this months you may feel ready to resurrect this spirit by becoming more of an extrovert in life. A strange magnetism towards you invites people to unburden themselves, and yet you must decide whether you want the pressures of the world to weigh you down, or choose not to allow others to intrude on your inner sanctum through social aversion and non-involvement.

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising

The Capricorn Sun highlights just how gifted you are at helping people with their professional and public goals and ambitions. It is this sixth sense, psychic abilities and secret tools for gaining extraordinary insights that get you into trouble with mainstream professional circles though, where it seem that metaphysics and spirituality are not always welcome. You may have been hiding your special abilities or denying completely them in order to maintain a respectable public image. However, this does not necessarily mean you won’t use them. It is important to remember, however, that these extraordinary abilities are blessings, and that abusing them for your personal gain may cost you the reputation and status you strive to achieve through their use. To avoid scandal or humiliation and even prosecution, be sure to use your gifts wisely and with gratitude, and always for the highest good and most positive results of all involved.


Pisces/Pisces Rising

Here is a chance to see how much your social circles and group involvement tend to influence your public and professional standing. Social interaction is the main driving factor behind you building professional rapport in your community, so proving yourself as a leader, or an authority in humanitarian efforts or movements is really what this month Solar activation is about. Try not to get so caught up on how you look to others that you forget the true purpose of what the group activity is about. You want to achieve some actual results rather than merely bolstering up your public profile. If you feel uneasy, shy or unsure around groups of people, perhaps limit your social contact to a small circle of friends where you don’t have to play too gregarious a role. Avoid forming a shell around yourself or to fencing yourself in. It’s not good for business. As hard as it is right now, make an effort to open yourself up and let people in, it’s important for your development, and there are lessons to be learned.


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