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Leo-Aquarius Opposition – Autocracy vs Democracy

The struggle between Autocracy vs Democracy

On a greater level, we reach a high-water mark in our politics, seeing a striking contrast through the social division that is fast gripping the globe between two extreme types of rulership. Autocracy literally means ruling in one’s own authoritative way, as opposed to democracy, where decisions are formed using a group consultative/electoral process.

However, let’s be utterly real here. Even in the most advanced democracies, where freedom for all is centred around the principles of capitalism, the general situation seems like it’s edging closer and closer to producing a rigged outcome every time, favouring only the elite – those who rule by force, privilege, power and prestige. Is this ultimately how public rulership was meant to be? Is Leo, by its very nature going to always triumph over the masses in an autocratic way?

Just check out what’s happening in the ‘United’ States of America – supposedly the greatest democracy in the world. Since the election in November, at the helm of a very authoritarian decision maker, the country looks more like it is preparing to go to war. In an objective assessment, one finds it difficult to foresee the current conditions improving. Great demonstrations in the streets may result in the government imposing martial law, sending the entire population into civil divide. Not really what one would realistically describe as a thriving democracy that is sitting at the leading example of ‘civilised’ humanity’s evolution.

Yes, America has been blessed to have had some brilliant democratic leaders over its time, especially when they needed them most. It seems like the country has an infatuation with Leo leaders (both Clinton and Obama have Leo Sun, George Senior, George W. and Donald J Trump all have Leo Rising). Times ahead are looking more and more restless and civically disempowering for the general US population unless they can employ some innovative new measures to give all citizens more of a voice. As it stands, basic US social liberties and standards of living have this once great nation currently ranked 10th globally.

India, the world’s most over-populated democracy still suffers great poverty and injustice due to a crippling caste system that refuses to die out. It seems the elitism at the top refuses to pay privilege forward to its ‘people’. It currently ranks #47 on the Quality of Life Index.

Over in Europe, leaders have ushered in over a million Muslim refugees in just less than two years. Grief-stricken individuals who are geographically and culturally displaced from war-ravaged Middle Eastern countries are already creating unprecedented cultural tensions and inequities of all kinds between people. Social problems of ethnic/economic discord are creating such schisms which often erupt into random, spontaneous acts of violence and terror, and extremism and right-wing political parties are on the rise there.

Meanwhile, in Britain, their leaders have fallen after the population has democratically elected to leave the European Union, preferring to move into a more isolationist economy. Instantly their trade market took a hit. Greece (birthplace of democracy) attempted this last year but the EU ruling class insisted that the Greeks owed too much money to pull out. That matter has sent that nation’s people into further austerity and social unrest. Tensions continue to mount there, and other countries like Spain, Ireland, Cyprus, Italy, Portugal are well over their heads in debt against their sovereignty.

In Brazil, the third largest democracy in the world, it’s been a shambles of corruption, where leaders were allegedly taking billions of dollars of bribe money. That nation is now being run by a caretaker while they figure out what they’re going to do.

Add to this the phenomenon where technology companies in Silicon Valley, which began with slick, young, progressive visionaries to create equality and opportunity for all have now amassed so much power (economically and politically) for their owners that they are now cleverly threatening to wipe out entire economies. Just as Apple’s iTunes had effectively trashed the music industry in the last decade, Netflix is gradually watering down Hollywood and the entire movie business. Uber is eliminating old-school cabbies and couriers, whilst Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc are gradually superseding TV, radio and the printed press. Amazon has already killed off the book business and is now gunning down specialist trading stores, supermarkets, and retailers of electronic goods.

What’s the common thread here? It’s the dysfunction of political, economic, media and academic elites. Whilst they may draw their power from a system that is inherently based on providing equal opportunity for all, they soon go too far, eventually progressing towards the belief that they know what’s best for the masses, basically dictating all future direction without consideration to the future effects upon their constituents.

Is this sustainable? How long can the collective human spirit endure the suppression of the individual’s autonomous right? Can the individual survive if they choose to no longer play into these almost defunct, so-called “democratic” systems?

The more these systems persist to rule by outright mandate, the more the complacency continues over what is actually happening to our basic individual freedoms. In the sixties they staged protest at the university level. Where are today’s bright young minds? Are they becoming empowered or sedated by all this remarkable technology?

Many of you may ask where all this is heading. Is our blindness as ‘consumers’ of goods and our incessant clutching for ‘security’ creating a massive imbalance?

Such are the issues of these. They become heightened as we head into eclipse season.

Ultimately this is not just about power, or money. This is about the right to decide. Leo wants to be the one who makes all the decisions because it feels like it knows best. Never wrong, always right, and does not like to be told otherwise. Aquarius has a problem with absolute right. It begs to differ. It pleads to get a the consensus of the whole tribe. It creates movement and protest to the contrary in order to bring about change.

Change, which when resisted by both fixed signs eventually leads either hard swings into totalitarian rule or social revolutions and anarchy.

As it looks in most part of the civilised world, the more absolute and unyielding modern rulership becomes, the more we distance ourselves from any promise of any immediate true democracy (rule by the people), republic (elected rulers), or even a meritocracy (rule by your achievements).

Is this a case where kakistocracy (rule by the worst, most unfit to rule) will finally force the individual to seek an alternative, to transcend the need for all exterior forms of government altogether.

Much maturity is needed to proceed.
Less hubris, more humility is in order.

And this… this takes enormous light to see into the fundamental distortions that plague the human ego.


Meanwhile, here are some ways that you can be a true hero:

 Save Yourself by being Yourself
  • Keep good, clear boundaries in any relationship that may lack these, and restore better care for yourself.

  • Honour a commitment to yourself, whether it’s to exercise, eat healthier, or make a small change in your behaviour.

  • Replace any negative, self-defeating thoughts with positive, self-affirming ones—and believe them.

  • Persist with something you’re resolved to give up, knowing that what matters most is your commitment to the journey.

  • Improve the way you deal with criticism, receive it with an open-mind, without self-judgment.

  • Listen and trust your intuition to guide you instead of depending on someone else’s opinion about what’s best for you.

  • Forgive yourself  for making that mistake, giving yourself another chance to see, enjoy, and appreciate what’s right in front of you.

  • Find a healthier coping mechanism to deal with emotional pain—like deep meditation or taking a walk—instead of doing something self-destructive.

  • Tend to your own needs, creating more balance in your life.

  • Empower yourself to get into an activity with something you enjoy instead of becoming overwhelmed with persistent mental chatter and mindless distractions.

Save Others
  • Show up for someone who needs help – moving, packing, or doing anything that’s easier with an extra set of hands.

  • Ask someone who is going through a hard time if there is any way you can help to lighten their load and then follow through.

  • Plan, organise, or assist with a celebration or event for someone you love and/or value.

  • Support someone in a charity fundraiser, online or offline.

  • Maintain your composure in a difficult situation by responding calmly to keep a small issue from escalating into something much bigger.

  • Speak up for someone who otherwise might not have a voice, or may be too scared to use it.

  • Offer your skills and talents to help someone, whether that means assisting a friend with their resume, or cleaning their kitchen.

  • Offer a random act of kindness to someone without expecting anything in return.

  • Give something of yours to someone else if you think they need it more than you.

  • Refer someone to a trusted resource, group, or event that could be life-changing for them.

Save the World
  • Shop consciously to support businesses that follow ethical practices.

  • Become conscious of your own environmental impact, your carbon footprint

  • Make a microloan through an organization like Kiva to help and empower people around the globe.

  • Recycle. (You can recycle a lot more than you may think!)

  • Start a wave of good turns. Do something kind for someone and tell that person to return the favour to someone else.

  • Give away your old clothes to a brotherhood society instead of throwing them away.

  • Volunteer your time to help people in need.

  • Donate blood or marrow to someone whose life may depend on it. (Enquire with your doctor or local hospital.)

  • Fully research a charity organization that you believe in and then tell three people about it.

  • Follow Gandhi’s advice and “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Do you have anything to add to the list?

Good luck with all that, and may you have a wonderful Full Moon.

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  2. RobertMichaelDavis

    Nice words full of hope. Good stuff.

  3. Breath deeply slowly through your nose often

  4. I enjoyed your article. Astrology is certainly a valuable resource for helping us to identify a problem and offering possible solutions. In a perfect world it would be used more to heed the warning signs. Thank you. I look forward to more of your informative articles. Jean Bell.

  5. Brilliant read! Loved it!

  6. Yes! Show up consciously for others. Give your full attention when talking, make real eye contact, smile warmly (just because). Be tender and gentle. Empower yourself by loving yourself…your WHOLE self….All those nasty dark bits….no secrets. Live your truth! We are who we are, and that’s ok. Pass it on <3

  7. Only one word. The greatest: THANKS

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