Sun trine Neptune semi square Mars

Sun trine Neptune semi square Mars

Immerse yourself deeply into your instinctual nature. Become inspired by the true essence of what resonates within you. Listen to that inner voice and act upon it.

Experience what life is like when you become attuned with your inner nature. Come to a stillness and just know (with certainty) that all those elements of pain and deeply harbored anger and resentment can just melt away completely.neptune trine sun, neptune sun astrology, neptune sun aspects, neptune astrology, neptune spirituality, neptune spirit, astrology readings, ang stoic

Nothing can hurt you or control you by its spiteful hold. Allow yourself to overcome any lingering emotional entanglements and hurts of yesterday and just be free now.

Allow the cool, refreshing water of forgiveness to run over your mind, body and spirit. Bathe yourself with the essence of compassion, let it wash away any bitterness that may exist between you and your past.

You have the inspiration and the vigour to give yourself a thorough “spring-clean” of the soul now.

Experience a total connection to a Universal love, one that holds no distinctions or definitions – it is there to help us all dissipate the pain and to allow us to experience the total wonderment of the great Oneness.

PS You don’t need a drug.
[meditation, not medication]


Originally Published ~ 31/10/2015

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