Venus in Virgo inconjunct Uranus, opposition Chiron

Venus in Virgo inconjunct Uranus, opposition Chiron

Peacekeeping, well-being, love-making, cordialities and niceties… all things sweet and lovely indeed might appear tentative and a little on the edge at the moment. They could just crumble into dust at any minute.

And why?

Virgo tends to bring the mind into it, always, and with a discernment to make ‘use’ or ‘sense’ or find the ‘purpose’ out of things. But things often don’t need to be made sense, or found in purpose. Things often are just there, just for our tender hearts, to be enjoyed, appreciated and adored.

Especially things purely gifted for your pleasure.

Yet… minds will be minds, and will want to analyse and tease apart the holy and the divine, and once the scalpel of analysis enters the experience then something precious dies in the affair.

Oh, what a grave mistake to assume that ‘fiddling’ with our precious things is ever going to assist in our evolution or transcendence into greater joy….

…if you truly love something, why fuck with it?

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[pic: portrait of Alexia as a fairy in the forest II by Marta Bevacqua]

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