Venus trine Vesta trine Saturn ~ Grand Fire Trine

Venus trine Vesta trine Saturn ~ Grand Fire Trine

Chastity, prudence and morality may be seriously entertained as ways to attain purity of heart Yet any absolute abstinVenus:Vesta:Saturn Grand Trineence, not just from sexual intimacy but from all physical temptations is rather a strange measure towards sanctifying the soul.

Pent up enough, it manifests in disturbingly unhealthy cravings and even wicked aberrations.

Yet during this week, some aspirants of peace and blessedness might feel a great aversion towards carnal indulgences – perhaps for fear or dread of all the trouble that all these may invite.

Perhaps virginity of the mind, rather than of the body is the real key here.

Originally Published ~ 4/06/2015

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