Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo inconjunct Chiron

Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo inconjunct Chiron

You may take enormous pride in the way you demonstrate strength from a place of true, inner worthiness, expressing your unique talents, using your special ability to help others explore their own sense of confidence, self-esteem and inner pride. You may have even brought your entire plight to gain some legal acceptance in the face of conventional society.

Yet the real challenge now is going to be in how you come to integrate these remarkably exceptional gifts to inspire, entertain and heal others in the face of a society which seems only too quick to doubt and ride you on your inconsistencies and weaknesses.

In truth, the doubters only doubt themselves.Venus conjunct Jupiter in Leo inconjunct Chiron, venus jupiter aspects, venus chiron astrology, chiron jupiter aspects, astrology aspects, astrology readings, ang stoic

True self-empowerment is going to take some effort to apply – to demonstrate its own legitimacy against those doubtful cynics and the critics. It’s going to take some damned hard work to prove that taking pride in one’s integrity is not just a big act, it has the power to deliver others out of their own wounded sense of feeling ineffectual, insignificant and vilified for their beliefs and into a place of true joy.

It’s time to go to work. For the holy love of self.
[go get ’em tiger!]


Originally Published ~ 30/06/2015

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