Venus in Cancer ~ square the Nodes

Venus in Cancer ~ square the Nodes

A time when one must really come to terms.

Those things that you once clinged to,
the ones you loved so dear,
that once provided fuzzy feelings of security, comfort and support
perhaps are not really of much value on this lifelong journey.

It becomes patently obvious
that in the end you take nothing with you
nothing but a memory
stored somewhere in your soul
(and good luck trying to retrieve that)
because all the stuff you carried
and all the ones you squeezed
and all that stuff you squeezed into some box
to save away for another day
may once have made you feel comfortable
or furnished you with joys
and blessed you with nice sentiments of momentary bliss
but let’s just face it now
– one could well spend a lifetime clinging onto these

these little hits of pleasure, come rarer than you think
and simply, sadly aren’t enough
to satisfy the soul,
distract you from your destiny
and keep you in a hole…

Some things you loved are best just left behind.

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Originally Published ~ 16/05/2015

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