Sun square Uranus

Sun square Uranus

Man is born free. Yet from the moment he emerges from the birth canal to the time he severs from this mortal coil he is subjected to increasing levels of enslavement to his society. And should he ever try to escape that, he is soon hounded and reclaimed by social pressure.

Yet strangely he insists that he is free.

What is that enslavement?


He possesses at birth one of the most sophisticated guidance systems of the animal kingdom – a pure intelligence which, with the right guidance, will see him survive in the wild like no other creature. This is his intuition – his inner voice. Yet, through immediate and heavy domestication he is taught to deny that and to listen only to the voice of his elders.

So all his life he does what he is told until he himself becomes an elder unto others. Or a version of that, at best.

And he calls himself free.
And he calls himself a man.
Yet he is not free. And he is not a man.sun square uranus, uranus astrology, sun uranus aspects, uranus sun astrology, uranus freedom, astrology aspects, ang stoic

His true development is arrested at birth, and internally he is stunted at an infantile level, and when he is confronted by any adversity or challenge, rather than draw upon his powerful intuition to guide him responsibly, this man reacts like an angry beast, or a spoilt baby.

And he calls himself a man.
A free man…

This is NOT freedom, man.

The world is waiting now for you. Your women are bored to distraction. It is now time to rise up from the all-fours of domestication, and learn to stand upon that pure intelligence that lurks within you, to rise above this prism of the past, the shackles of paternity and dictums of your elders and take a good hard look around what needs to be addressed…

…and be a man.


Originally Published ~ 13/07/2015

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