Sun square Uranus, Venus-Mars-Saturn-Pluto, the ‘Hard Cradle’

Sun square Uranus, Venus-Mars-Saturn-Pluto, the ‘Hard Cradle’

So here’s the dilemma.

You want your outright independence (and you want it now) but you realise that this independence all depends.

It depends on so many things. Your creature comforts, your family ties, your precious little spoils and accustomed little luxuries… oh, and those people… all those really useful people upon whom you have thus far come to depend to serve you with your much prized freedoms (& to feed your bottle/ wipe your botty…)
Chances are you still owe them. Perhaps it’s some cash. Or some favour. Perhaps a lifetime. Or at least a good explanation… at least an apology… at least something…

This isn’t going to be easy. How on earth do you extricate yourself from something that’s virtually a part of you??

Hmm… perhaps you could make some sort of arrangement where you’re still… you know… together, but only for the benefits(?)

But hang on… that is NOT independence!

That’s more like some highly conditional, infanSun square Uranus, Venus-Mars-Saturn-Pluto, the 'Hard Cradle', sun mars aspects, sun saturn aspects, sun pluto aspects, astrology spectstile delusion of freedom.

TRUE independence is being able to go it SOLO – without the props. No strings. No conditions. Just you. Without having to rely on mommy.

Deep down your heart is screaming for freedom. You f’n know it is… Yet the bastards have got you where you live, haven’t they?

The heart wants out, but your ass is all tied up to the tangled accoutrements and long-withstanding contractual agreements to others.

I would pose that the correct Latin term for this condition would be ‘Frustratus Maximus’.

What’s going to happen in a few days when Mars starts holding an uncompromising gun to your head, I wonder? It’s going to be interesting to see where you stand with your whole ‘independence’ schtick then…

check it……/06/saturnpluto-the-iron-fist-of-cont…/


Originally Published ~ 13/07/2015

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