Sun quincunx Chiron, trine Uranus

Sun quincunx Chiron, trine Uranus

A day to break away from any hurts and stresses witnessed through the male authority role and reconnect yourself into that surge of solar energy that seeks only to be something uniquely proud, wildly original and distinctly heroic. Become a source of ingenuity and inventiveness, whether it be in your artistic or dramatic expression, or through some courageously inspired display of flexibility or intuitive understanding of a pertinently commanding situation.

Tune in now. Tune in with and presence and poise. And pounce fearlessly upon the source of pain.

Defy those irksome villains of self-doubt, the ones that seek to undermine your special strengths and talents, and boldly shine your unique light in places where no light ever shone before.


Originally Published ~ 13/08/2015

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